INS Sahyadri, the third Project 17 stealth frigate, being fitted out at Mazagon Docks Ltd, Mumbai - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Sunday 20 April 2008

INS Sahyadri, the third Project 17 stealth frigate, being fitted out at Mazagon Docks Ltd, Mumbai


  1. Nice work. IS there any possibility of P-15a and P-28 pics?

  2. Shukla ji,

    Can you give us an update on the progress of the navalised Kaveri engine that will eventually power Indian ships?

  3. sir what is the update on the maritime reconnaisance aircraft deal with boeing

  4. excellent dude!!

  5. Sir,

    Many thnaks for posting these excellent pictures. Wonder if you have any side views or pics taken from the rear?

    Notice that the Oto main gun, two RBU launchers along with the 3S-91 launcher have been fitted too.

    As for Yd 21617 Shivalik, the Dec 2008 commissioning date may be optimistic because the folks at ND (MB) are in the process of fitting Barak and associated FCR.

  6. please post the P15a pictures that you promised

  7. hey ajai, is d public allowed into mazagon dockyard?

    can i also enter and see the development of these frigates?

    and thanx alot 4 these pics

  8. P-15A pics will come up this week. I don't have P-28 pics... but I will after I make a planned visit to Garden Reach.

    The public allowed into Mazagon Docks? Surely you're joking. Even accredited journalists aren't allowed.

    Why do you think these are the first pics ever in the public domain of this ship? anonymous, don't yet have side pics... no space to take them from... very cramped on the sides.

    Regarding the December commissioning... I suspect I agree with you. But MDL is very confident it will hand over the boat for trials to the navy by august... and that the navy will finish trials by Dec.

    But what's a few months here or there. We don't have a war scheduled in January.

  9. Ajai,
    Can you please provide some information if you have about the reasons for the delay in the Shivalik (P-17) Class program. Why is MDL or rather all of our shipyards late in delivering the warships. What steps are/have being taken to step up the quality and the management style.

  10. I still do not get it,
    How is this huge ship made out of metal a stealth ship?
    The search radars on marine recon planes and other ships seem to be very powerful.

  11. A stealth ship doesn't mean that its invisible to radar, it just means that its radar cross section has been reduced due to elimination of radar friendly lines of the ship, also IR suppression and sound/vibration suppression techs are used to "reduce" the IR/sound emissions. All this adds to its stealth, so while the ship is a 4000+ ton missile frigate its radar signature would appear as no more than that of a patrol boat. Also India has a long way to go before we design a develop a truly stealth ship. Shivaliks are just the first baby steps.

  12. Shukla Ji, could you snap the Shivalik, she must be almost ready by now. If so, pl. post. If you can't because of confidentiality no problems then, we can wait.

  13. One question Shukla Ji, Has the Navy developed any Radar Absorbent Material (RAM) paint for the Shivaliks ? Last I heard that RAM paints were developed for the air force which has been using it in their fighter jets. Answer if classified can be excused from being posted.

  14. Himanshu, The problem has number of reasons. When you are making the lead ship of a new design there are bound to be problems due to design/actuals mismatch and and also because Indian ships involve assemblies from a whole lot of diverse sources around the world there are bound to be integration and inter compatibility related problems that eats into your timelines.
    Also,Many times the shipyards subcontracts bulk packages for armaments/radars/engines/propeller screws to the russian yards.
    The lesser we speak of these russian yards, the better as regards to their management and timely completion (eg. Gorshkov) and also because they themselves are saddled with lots of work pending for the resurgent russian navy which gets priority 1.
    Naturally then the time lines of MDL gets screwed up and we end up getting the ship after delay. Fortunately the navy unlike its bigger cousin doesn't crib or kills its indigenous ship building capabilities. I just wished they hadn't closed the sub production lines but the 90s financial crisis took its toll

  15. hey shukla, then how did u get to enter and snap shots? do u have insider connection?


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