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Friday 11 April 2008

Coming up: 3-part article on "Major new initiatives in warship design"

(Photo: INS Shalki, barging in for a refit at Mazagon Docks Ltd)

For warship enthusiasts, this is to announce the impending post of  an interesting 3-part series on the direction that warship design is taking in the Indian context.

New developments, new partnerships, brand new ideas!

Also... new photographs of the Project 15-A and Project 17 boats. As you all would be knowing, INS Shivalik will be commissioned before the end of 2008. I'll get you pictures of that cool frigate.

Stay tuned.


  1. I am really looking forward to this!

  2. really looking forward to the pics of the P-15 and P-17s..thanks Ajai.

  3. shakadal seems like a paki or chinki bastard. Don't click its a virus.

  4. the first post containing a link

    shakadal said...

    See Please Here

    the link seems to be a malicious program link.Please remove it

  5. Click my name (then you'll understand). don't worry, not a virus.

    Nice!! I like it.

    Btw the name 'Shakadal' itself sounds like 'you know who'

  6. Ajyah Shukla ji..I request you to put up some info on the upgradation and refit of the Shishumar class subs..what new stuff is going on into it..and if possible some light into the Il-38SD upgrades and its current status...

  7. Wow... Really looking forward to this Ajaiji. Great speed on this one.

    Couldn't find anything on shipbuilding. I'll keep looking. Till then, your pieces will be the source.

    Really looking forward to seeking the Shivaliks properly, rather than the hull pictures we've been seeing till now... I gotta say, the 209 looks ugly (no aspersions on its effectiveness though).

    P.S. Could u delete the first post... Looks like a few guys have been bitten already.

  8. I second sniperz -- please put up the article asap. u have whetted our appetites something fierce.:-D

  9. hey sniperz11, perhaps if there r some nice pics of shivalik frigate, u shud ask mr. ajai to make its licence free to put it in wikipedia. i saw the article there on shivalik class frigate got no picture. i only hope mr. ajai will let.

  10. sniperz11, what 209 looks ugly? what r u talking about? 209?

  11. Ajai,

    please delete the first comment, it seems to point to a site infected with viruses.

  12. Ishyombhai, already ahead of you... Shuklaji has been kind enough to give me permission to upload some his images to wikipedia. You can sure bet that these pics won't be missed.

    The 209 that I'm talking about is the HDW Type-209 models. The Shalki is the third in the series, after Shishumar and Shankush, and before Shankul.

  13. I'm a technological duffer. Can someone plz tell me how to delete that virus-carrying post?

    I seem to remember seeing a small trash can next to some posts... but now the screen isn't displaying the trash can.

    Sorry for this.

  14. Ajay sir plz remove this(Shakadal--SEE PLZ HERE). Its a virus. It says a new anti-virus is released by M.S. Then it goes for on-line scanning. It detects(shows in its list) all virus etc. Then asks to save it and install. After doing this your Lappi will say save me i'm dieing. I know all this because i suffered.

  15. Ajaiji,

    The trashcan icon won't display on the main window. It only shows up when you post a comment.

    First, confirm that you're signed in to your blogger account. Then, click on the post comment link, which will take u to the comments window. There, you should see the trashcan icon just below the posts. Click on the trashcan icon, and it will delete the post...

    If it doesn't work, try on another browser.

    hope that helps.

  16. Oops... just noticed that its been deleted. Ignore my previous post.

  17. Shukla ji, good to see You are finally giving us a ringside view of India's MIC that is essentially unbiased. You have matured tremendously as a def reporter, kudos !

    p.s you may find that BHarat rakshak may be much more welcoming to You nowadays.


  18. thanks sniperz11..

  19. Sniperz, which pics has been put in wikipedia courtesy of mr. shukla?

    i've seen a few of the indian related defence articles but haven't come across any other than Nag missile page.

  20. The pictures of the PAD and AAD have been used courtesy of Ajaiji.


  21. Mr Shukla. While Shalki (all rusted)going in refit makes sense, Shankush is all shining and spanky. Should you revise your comments? It would also help if you date the pictures.

  22. Ajai, no reply to my incidental querry?


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