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Thursday 24 November 2011

Video of purported Israeli hit on Syrian tank



What you are about to watch is an actual event. The Israeli Armed Forces filmed this in real time. What you'll see is a fully armored Syrian tank being hit by an Israeli laser-guided, steel-penetrating, phosphorous-filled "hand held" rocket.

The rocket is small, very portable and is a tightly controlled weapon. Each one is accounted for when they are checked out and back in.

There must be no fewer than two soldiers present to verify the use, one must be a senior officer with a minimum of 10 years military service. (the name and program - classified).

This tank was headed for one of Israel's settlements. There were four more tanks one mile to the rear of this tank. They turned around before getting to this area after learning what had happened to the lead tank.

You can hear the ammunition going off after the initial strike. No Syrian tank crew member survived this event, and it did not make the news.

It is an everyday event for Israel's Armed Forces to repel attacks, and they do not permit the "embedding" of news reporters with their armed forces like the Americans do. This weapon and its tactical use is meant for their survival, not for "news" entertainment.

Perhaps we, in India should take a page from the Israeli Military Handbook.


  1. Sorry ... but this isn't an Israeli video. It's a video of a test that I saw several years ago. I forget the missile's name but IIRC it's a Swedish weapon.

    Another fact is that the Syrian Army only uses Russian tanks with domed turrets which is definitely not the case with this tank

  2. Are you sure about it being a Syrian tank? I have seen this footage before on Discovery channel and am certain it is not Syrian tank. Also the missile seems to be wire-guided and not laser guided.

  3. Here's an update ... the missile is the Swedish RBS-56 and the same video is available at

  4. The video appears with a different heading and description elsewhere on youtube:

  5. It's a test on a remote controlled Centurion tank by the Swedish military, using a BILL 2 ATGM.

    Commentary is the usual spurious internet drivel.

    1. Blimey it's not areal video and it has 5 different names(the missile) yes it is a wire guided device and that is definitely not a Centurian Main Attack Tank from whom makes it I don't care u wanna be in a tank when that hits
      U have better survival rate from a A10 WART

  6. That's not a Syrian tank, It have box shaped turret unlike all Russian tank used by Syrian army have rounded turret deign..

    Also the ATGM crew are too near & they are not camouflaged..

  7. A complete load of cr*p. The tank looks nothing like the T-series that the Syrians have, and there have been no tank engagements between the Israelis and Syrians since 1982. Internet reports suggest this is demonstration of the Bofors RBS-56 "Bill" on an old Centurion tank.

    As for mindless prattle about India taking a page from the Israeli book, spare us oh anonymous Internet nationalist. As if the Indian Army does not have thousands of ATGMs for precisely this eventuality.

  8. I really feel sorry for the guys inside. Darn they would have been charred to death

  9. We need more from that book, should certainly help.

  10. I have never seen something like this in my life. This is one nightmarish, scary weapon. No Tank driver would want to go near it.


    As presented on Discovery. Found by kmkraoind on BRF

  12. Not very sure but it looks like a Syrian T 72. India should be careful. The armour can be penetrated easily.

  13. Ajai sir,

    There seems to be some mistake.
    check this video
    Swedish RBS-56 takes out Centurion Tank

  14. I fail to understand what you mean by "Perhaps we, in India should take a page from the Israeli Military Handbook". Do you mean that the Indian armed forces should learn about media management?
    Or that we could learn from the way the Israeli military operates? Israel does so and with impunity because their circumstances are different, they do not contend with a trigger happy nuclear armed neighbour or one that is as well organised as ours.
    Moreover Israel is a kind of military state, operating in a constant state of emergency, something similar to our neighbour. They have administrators of military background holding important civilian positions. I do not think such a mindset could or should be replicated in India. Not to say that we should continue with our current toothless approach towards terrorism.

  15. india should not take a page from Isreali military handbook, they should just reprint it as local edition.

  16. Holy shit!! This is called being roasted alive...

  17. Ajai ji is that real .which atgm is that looks like they are burning a closed matchbox.

  18. Does the turret not look too 'boxy' for a Syrian Tank,which are mostly of Soviet/Russian design.And does the start of the 'purported actual vid' not look like this:

    Bill2 destroying a tank

    Vids been there on youtube since 2006.
    So who is right?
    The Israelis using a Swedish AT missile or the Swedes using an Israeli video to promote a Swedish Missile!

  19. Where does it say that the video is from Israel? note that the tank is a Centurion, which is not operated by Syria. Apparently the video shows a Swedish Bofor AT missile in a proving ground at Sweden (1986).

  20. In your opinion, how well would this sort of munition stack up to Kanchan on the Arjun MK 1 and 2 ?

  21. doesnt appear to be very small or special to me. standard ATGM unit w/launcher. sounds like some documentary as well. looks like a bogus chain mail with some heavy commentary thrown in. if combat expericne is anything to go by the army has it in spades, repelling daily infiltration attempts by pakistanis and attacking insurgent camps in the NE. whats the big deal and hype about israel.

  22. This is the swedish Bill 2 ATGM.

    The tank was remotely operated as a part of a demonstration of the ATGM's capability.

    Please refer to:

  23. sir,

    many are claiming that its not an israeli missile neither a syrian tank rather british tank and either swedish or british missile(bill 2 or something)and fottage taken during a exercise,why would there be commentry in english for israeli video

  24. This is not a 'hand held' rocket(whatever that is), this is an ATGM. From the meandering of the missile before impact, it appears to be wire guided. The missile appears to ricochet off the turret after impact. The subsequent fireworks seem to happen OUTSIDE the tank and not inside it, suggesting activation of ERA panels. From the silhouette of the tank, it is clearly not a T-55 or a T-72 and so it is not likely to be Syrian at all. Maybe it is a Merkava or a Leopard series, I am not sure. The video is definitely not what it is made out to be.

  25. Some one is feeding you complete BS shukla ji. The video is taken from the discovery channel program "modern missiles"

    Look at 5:10 onwards.

  26. "The result of the hit on a fully armed tank is spectacular".... is all that is said. The judgement of the result was left to the viewers.... thanks for posting the video Shuklaji.

    There are a few queries left in my mind (being a non military person). On which tank did this missile fire upon and did it have any defense mechanism. Will this missile be effective on the modern tanks which have built-in defense mechanisms?

  27. This is an old video of anti tank missile test, watch

    I think the story about Israeli military is BS

  28. Simply not true. Nice story about Syrian tanks rushing at an Isreali settlemen. If at all, there is a territorial dispute between Isreal and Syria, it is the Golan heights, which I don't think even Isreal claims as it's territory. And no, this doesn't look like any "Syrian" tank which tend to be T series tanks with rounded turrents .

    This probably was a video from a weapons test on a real target. But yes, there is a lesson in this on what a small hand held weapon can do to T series tanks with ammo strewn all over the place and in the carousel loader and not stored in blast proof containers with blow off doors. The ammo will cook off like what happened in the tank that was hit. Works for nice Hollywood style special effects and great marketing, but I wonder how it will be if the same weapon is used against a well protected tank with ERA and ammo in blast proof containers and top rated armor.. like for eg against an Abrams with DU plating or a Leopard A6.

  29. Wow, its like Diwali fireworks on an moving tank ! We should get one.

  30. Thanks, folks!

    It was obvious to me, even before I saw the footage, that this was a hoax. As someone here has quite accurately pointed out, there have been no Israel-Syria tank engagements since the Yom Kippur war.

    Then I put on the video and the tank shows up... quite clearly not a T-series tank, but an old, Vickers-type box.

    Then the ATGM is fired. So much for the crap about it being some top-secret, highly-controlled Israeli weapon.

    So it was obvious to me that this was an internet fake. But thanks to this very aware group of visitors for telling me what this video actually shows: a Swedish test. I really wanted to know that.

  31. Oh really? You knew all along? And you also thought it fit to insert that we take a leaf out of the Israeli way of doing things, even though you knew the video was not what it seemed to be? Very convenient!

  32. @ Anonymous 12:25

    You really do need to read more carefully, especially before sticking your neck out and ending up looking like a fool.

    Read the part that I wrote... which is in block capitals. It says that the video came with a commentary, which is pasted below. That commentary is the part that is written in regular lower case... and the comment about taking a leaf out of the Israeli book is a part of that!

    I am no fan of the Israeli approach to security. It is based, I believe, on a misplaced sense of victimhood and paranoia.

  33. Sir, as far as the media is concerned the Americans are forced to embed reporters to win the minds of their own people who are at the best of times fickle and easily swayed, and might I add in charge of the purse strings.The Israelis cannot afford such an attitude thanks in no small part to millions of Arabs changing any media report into their own propaganda and also because the majority of their conflicts are represented as fights for "survival", scary stuff that keeps the civvies in their place.

  34. This looks like a covert fishing operation, to check how informed your readers are :P Nice try Shukla ji. Hahaha

  35. Dear Shukla sir,

    Missing the "like" button of Facebook :)

  36. Here is another camera angle of the same test. Devastating for the Centurion tank.

  37. bad judgement, & as they in the army, ignorance is no excuse !

  38. Clearly a test, not actual combat.

  39. Not a tank man. But this one is clearly a set piece training or simulation test and not an engagement tank to tank in combat sense. That said, Israel is possibly the only state which will cease to exist within hours if it let its guard down.


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