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Friday 4 November 2011


Just back from a two-day visit to the Combat Vehicles R&D Establishment and to the Heavy Vehicles Factory, Chennai... got a full update on all the armoured vehicles programmes.


  1. It will be nice to see the report...

  2. sir great...plz a report soon...plz plz

  3. sir,

    is that the arjun mark 2 you r standing on or the arjun mark 1 model
    and sir why do paints on these vehicles r so shining...isn't it bad for a camo.....thanks

  4. 6 inch gun
    16 Bhramos
    32 Barak-2
    4 Ak-630
    2 twin 533mm/ 21 inch torpedo launchers
    2 RBU-6000 and various ECM/ESM

    Sir is the above weapon configuration correct for P-15 Alpha.... or is there any change...???

    Sorry for off topic...

  5. @Ajai

    i think the tank you are standing on the Arjun Mk2, i am correct na?


    Joydeep Ghosh

  6. Is that the MK II version?

  7. It is a beautiful photo and now it looks like a beautiful tank, say like LeClerc.

  8. Looking forward to an insightful report on these programmes...

    Be like a phoenix Ajai!

  9. So finally can the arjun launch Brahmos from the main gun?
    Can it finally intercept the F-22?
    Has it become stealthier than the B2?
    Does it dive deeper than the Sea Wolf class sub?

    Otherwise I fear it might be rejected by the army again.

    PS: I believe DRDO will soon demonstrate catapult launch capability as well.

  10. Is there a blow-off panel just to your left on the turret

  11. and do you plan to let us know any of those updates??

  12. Please post the report soon.

    Give us some goodies.

  13. As what i read on the web the above pic is of arjun mk1.

    Sir can you kindly post some pictures of arjun mk2 ? And why no-one is reporting on arjun mk2 ?

    CAn you tell us some progress on FINSAS, BMS, TCS, FICV and FMBT projects ?

    Can you post the design of P17a FFG ? I thought In was considering FREMM and MEKO designs. When the work on those FFG will start ?

  14. I am even excited on expecting some fresh news on Arjun after a long time....
    The tank just behind Ajai ji looks somewhat different...May be Arjun MK2... :)

  15. Dear Col.Shukla can you do a story on the CABS AEW ?

  16. Ajay Sir,

    While i do not doubt Indian capability, there is still a lot of speculation among the general public about what DRDO can actually deliver. So, i hope this article of your puts something positive for this

  17. The BA number starts with 06X. so this cannot be Mark II. Is it one of the test mules or second lot back for overhaul???

  18. @ Anonymous 19:56
    DRDO jumps in fray when some equipment is required. Then there is so much delay that whole new generations of that equipment or sub-assemblies are available.
    Let DRDO say that this is the best configuration taking into account budget, time and available technology.
    DRDO must deliver a working batch and then keep DEVELOPING it for supply in later versions. I say,it will still be very costly.Case in point, INSAS.

  19. It may be an illusion,but the turret behind the gun mantlet seems to be more sharply angled than what has been seen.

  20. now!!!i think ...u wil be askin MOD to buy Abrams...n nt to waste money on Arjun..!!!!as stealth feature are btr in Abrams...considerin ur lines in issue of MMRCA deal....i think dis shld be ur stand in d report!!!

  21. Ajai sahab,
    I just can't wait for the update especially Arjun Mk2. Hope you will provide Arjun Mk2 update first and hopefully some pretty pics. Thanks and as always keep up the fantastic work in promoting Arjun.

  22. Wow.. DODO's are STILL "working" on it hmm

    Great enthusiasm and patience. We shall continue to work on this project for another 30-40 years.

    Aur kuch toh kam hai nahi? CVRDE CABS ADA etc etc all of DRDO is bunch of incompetent fools. Include HAL as well. WHERE THE F**K is LSP 7? AUG 2011 was the date, it's NOV 2011 already?

    This tank is doomed. Keep collecting updates Mr Shukla don't expect these dodo's to make anything remotely usable by our armed forces.

    Hope you have conveyed our heartfelt appreciation of the GREAT job these people are doing for the nation. Jai Hind.

  23. Dear Akash and everyone else. The pic is of arjun mk1. The mk2 version has a new turret somewhat like Leopard 2 which is developed with the help of israel, not to mention mk2 will consist of new panoramic sight, APC and many other features which will make it look alot different from mk1.
    The only thing that is different in the above pic is the ridiculous color.

  24. Wondering why the Army or DRDO didnt devlop a SLAT armour for Arjun or for other Indian tanks (T90, 72's)

    Why are we so obsessed with hind end technologies while something as simple as intellegently designed wire mesh is being used by US, Israli and other forces to defeat RPG and anti tank munitions at cost effective rate in war like situations. Or is it that the army/drdo thinks that the cost of repairing uniform torn inadvertaly will cost more then tanks and lives saved

  25. @Anon 16.53,
    Slat armour is primarily meant for urban and close quarter engagements against shoulder fired weapons.They are of little use against heavy anti-tank missiles,particularly those with tandem warheads and top attack versions and main guns of tanks.These are the weapons which are encountered in traditional tank engagements in open deserts and terrain.Most Indo-Pak tank battles have been in traditional tank terrain.

  26. Anonymous@8 November 2011 11:07

    Do you ever read any articles or just headlines and subheadlines, well,even if you did that you would know the actual status of any project.
    I believe it would do you good to atleast do a google search on the status of Arjun MK1.

  27. dear sir,how mch more u need the footage?tired of waiting for ur report.u r an excellent reporter,no doubt.but from past almost 5 days i m anxiously waiting for this report to b published.so make it soon.thnks

  28. Please also write about the work culture you observed there. productivity - employees sleeping, corruption etc.

  29. That's one biggggggg target. The same tank, 10 tons lighter by reducing dimensions (hence armour) would have done well. I use the tank - excessive waste of internal armoured volume; a 120mm smooth-bore is sorely missed ! Mark II? Nahhhhh! Spare us !

  30. Great Col. Sir, waiting for the update :)

  31. would you PLEASE....give us an update on the arjun mk2 already? its been days....

  32. excuse me sir please....post your report soon.........

  33. its taking long to post the report

  34. I guess its been one week since you're back Mr.Col.... :) There are so many addicts like me checking ur blog min twice per day... :)

  35. You are 1000 times better than strip teasers. Waiting to read your article.

    Thanking you, with regards.

  36. Have been waiting for this article for over a week now. I am particularly interested in the Arjun Mark 2 improvements over Mark 1.

    [1] Can you pls elaborate on the improvements made and the improvements yet to be made.

    [2] Some of the snaps of the interiors of Mark 1 that are generally available on the web show the shoddy work as far as interiors and crew comfort is concerned. May be those pics are really old when Mark 1 was still in its infancy. Since you have had a first hand look at it, can you delve on this topic too? How do the interiors and crew-comfort compare with that of other leading tanks.

    [3] There is talk about replacing the engine in Mark 1 with an Indian engine. Some time back, there was rant on the web about using Kaveri developed for LCA in Arjun. Is that true or completely false.

  37. where is your final report i am waiting for it......pleases post it..........


  39. 8 Nov 11:07 my dear paki, our drdo is more than enough to deal with your al-junks and al-dabbas with the arjun and whatever it is developing. go commiserate amongst your countrymen and no need to troll a serious place.

  40. This was clearly one of the trials tanks and Ajai has been teasing you lot to find an answer. Instead a bunch of trolls spoiling the discussion!

    Check out the rear of the tank, shows a new sight covered by the tarpaulin.

    A square frame has been welded onto the Arjun turret behind where shukla is standing. With that hook, that could be an ERA attachment modification.

    let us see what he reveals

  41. @anon 21:58

    "There is talk about replacing the engine in Mark 1 with an Indian engine. Some time back, there was rant on the web about using Kaveri developed for LCA in Arjun. Is that true or completely false."

    If I ain't wrong, the engine was to be in the Mk2, though I wonder whats the status on that? If anything else, we surely have companies (pvt sector) capable of delivering the very best engines.

    And the Kaveri bit is hard to believe, don't see which aspect of Kaveri is suitable for land (even rail application). A little digging throws some light on the possibility of a hybrid drivetrain for the future in tanks (Americans and Russian working on it, can be expected by Europeans and Israelis too), the gas turbine is just to too much of a fuel hog and logistic nightmare (for tanks that is).

  42. cant wait to read the report.

  43. Hello Sir,
    it will be nice to see the report. I really doubt the culture of DRDO and their capabilities.

    I really doubt if they can make good products or if they are only good for buying them from other countries.


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