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Friday 18 November 2011

The Indian Air Force activates Vijaynagar Advanced Landing Ground

The MoD press release is reproduced in full below. It needs to be noted that Vijaynagar is on the border with Myanmar and the benefits of this ALG would be administrative or logistical rather than tactical or operational



New Delhi - November 18th, 2011

Hon’ble Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, General (Retd) JJ Singh accompanied by Air Marshal S Varthaman, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Air Command inaugurated the Advance Landing Ground (ALG) at Vijaynagar today. Lieutenant General Rameshwar Roy Director General Assam Rifles, Air Vice Marshal KS Gill, Senior Officer-in-Charge Administration, Eastern Air Command, Senior Officials from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam Rifles and Indian Air Force were also present on this occasion. The inaugural flight of AN-32 landed at Vijaynagar ALG today thereby bringing the local populace of this region on the air connectivity map of the country.

The Indian Air Force commenced its operations with Dakota and Otter in 1962 and subsequently the role was transferred to AN-32 since 1984. This ALG was made up of Pierced Steel Plate (PSP) sheets. Air maintenance operations had to be discontinued due to poor condition of the ALG since few years back. Subsequently extensive repairs were undertaken and the entire runway surface was renovated by the IAF with the help of the PWD Arunachal Pradesh. This ALG will now facilitate routine and regular air maintenance.

“The IAF has since been entrusted with the responsibility of developing the ALGs in Arunachal Pradesh with the dual purpose of giving a boost to local area development and enhancing military capabilities” said Air Marshal S Varthaman. He also added that since Vijaynagar is only accessible by air, revival of this ALG will provide immense relief to the local population. He conveyed his appreciation to the PWD and the immense support received from the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. Air Vice Marshal KS Gill welcomed one and all for the inaugural ceremony. He mentioned that with IAF commitment to the national security interests, it has revived this ALG for transport operations.

On this occasion, Assam Rifles had organised a colourful cultural programme which included the traditional dance by Lishu tribes and the Nepalese.


  1. Kya Sir aap Arjun ke bare me bhul gaye ho kya ?

  2. waah waaah waah arjun article or we do hunger strike on ur blog!!

  3. From the looks of the ALG, it could probably use a bit more work. But then again since it has a small military significance, may be the state government should take over further enhancements.

  4. this is they forth time i am requesting you to post arjun article
    please sir do it now......:)

  5. oye Sir Arjun ki report ki khabar Fake thi kya ?

  6. kudos to assam rifle , airforce and state administration on a job well done..

  7. This is pertaining only to the technical branch of the Indian Air Force. I know the SSC is for a duration of abut 14 years, but what if someone wants to leave the service before that period? Is there a provision in IAF or is there a bond of 14 years before one can leave the service?


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