Video of the Agni IV launch this morning - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Monday 14 November 2011

Video of the Agni IV launch this morning


  1. Nice!
    But,update on Indian Armour?

    C'mon do not be a Tank tease!

  2. Bravo... Congrats to all concerned...

  3. Guys, Where are the fins? Anybody?

  4. Fins... err, yes... the fins. Where are they?

    Will ask all the technical questions tomorrow. Do send in your questions if you have any.

  5. Is it that slowly rotating on the longitudinal axis for stability like rifle bullet, so no fins required!

  6. Please post a pic of arjun mk2 and give us some update on arjun mk2 and othe projects especially FICV.

  7. Good Job ASL, DRDL.
    Agni-3 design with internal gyros eliminated fins and now the other major improvement besides 2nd stage composite motor (the one in red I believe) is the absence of vented inter stage.
    This is definitely a step change in the overall Agni programme. Next steps are canisterizing and MIRVing the warhead.
    800 kg also speaks volumes about the miniaturization of the boosted fission warhead.
    Now awaiting the test of Agni-5 and Nirbhay.
    Thousands of miles to test before I sleep !

  8. Pls ask for updates on astra and HSTDV.


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