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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Cassidian signals it could contest the MMRCA decision

It seems the MMRCA contract was just too big, and the investment made by Eurofighter GmbH just too large, for them to go down without a fight. It seems clear from the statement (posted below) issued last evening by Cassidian, the defence & aerospace arm of EADS, that they will question the IAF calculations that conclude that Rafale's was the cheaper bid. Read between the lines...

India's Decision on the MMRCA Tender

· India took the decision to select our competitor as the preferred bidder in the Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) tender. Although this is not yet a contract signature and contract negotiations are still ahead, we are disappointed. However, we respect the decision of the Indian MoD.

· With the Eurofighter Typhoon, we offered the Indian Air Force the most modern combat aircraft available.

· Based on the Indian Government feedback, we will now carefully analyze and evaluate this situation together with our European Partner Companies and their respective Governments.


  1. Based on the statement I fail to see how you arrive at your conclusion.

    The first para states that contract negotiations are still ahead - contract negotiations between two parties excluding Eurofighter GmbH.

    The very next line they say they respect the decision of the MOD. This initself strongly suggests the decision will not be challenged.

    You seem to be basing you assertion on the comment "we will now carefully analyze and evaluate this situation" (unless you know more).

    I fail to see how analyzing (i.e. separating, examining critically) and evaluating (i.e determining, judging or ascertaining) THE SITUATION (i.e. the state of affairs or where they stand) equates to them QUESTIONING (i.e. interrogating) the IAF and its calculations.

    Their statement implies they will take stock of the situation rather then as you seem to suggest them interrogate the IAF.

    Maybe your reading too much into it or it suits your purposes and position?



  2. it is fact that the rafale has cheaper life-cycle costs compared to typhoons but the typhoons are far better than rafale...I hope the cassidian hammers down its prices to a competitive levels or it doesn't stand a chance

  3. I have read all the lines, in-between them and under them :) .... and yet I did not get the feeling that Cassidian was planning to challenge the decision.
    Col. while we all had our head stuck in the sand all these years, there's been a quiet transformation going on about India's image around the world to that of a responsible, emerging economic and military power with enormous buying and sustaining power.
    This has been evident in the circles that are courting India and most recently at Davos, where even with the EMU crisis looming large, India emerged as the dominant topic amongst delegates.
    Long story short, Cassidian realizes and fully well that it stand s to lose more by challnging such a decision and get into the bad books with the IAF & the MoD, something that they can ill afford as there'll be a zillion more dollars to be made in the future.
    Challenge and be damned and at their own peril. Cassidian will go quietly , fire the team that worked on this RFP and get a new team together to bid on the next big Indian contract for air tankers.

  4. Let us wait for the deal to be signed. Prior to this if the French exhibit some sort of tempertantrums regarding price and TOT issues the Eurofighter Consortium will come into the limelight and provided they lower the price they might then be the winners.they wont give up so easily.

  5. Its over typhoon!!! Dont put spokes in the wheel!!!

  6. Ajai,

    The initial contenders to be ejected in April last year said exactly the same thing-'they regret the decision-they respect it-they offered the best product-and they will analyse it'.

  7. It pains me to see so much money being wasted to buy foreign armory. Why is Tejas project taking so long. If the chinese can build a fifth generation aircraft why cant we be able to build a fourth generation atleast. Ajai sir can you do an article on what is exactly happening to Tejas and why this delay.

  8. What happened to the expose you promised us on the PAK-FA/FGFA Colonel?

    Highly interested in reading that Colonel...please do the honours soon...

  9. Folks:

  10. Cassidian will not need to contest as I have full faith in our power hungry babus to cancle the MMRCA or punt it down the road for cancellation at a later date. After all it is the election year, none of them want to lose their seat over the needs of IAF. Babus only care for one person, and that is they themselves.

  11. dear mr shukhla.

    I have respected your independent view for a long time , but yestday on the NDTV Show you were looking like a sales rep for the us consortium jsf 35 i fail to under stand why do you not respect the vice deceission taken by the iaf rafel has showed it class in af and Libya. what is the harm in not selecting them.

  12. Go Rafa!!! Even though you lost to Nojak in the Australian open, remember, the cheque aint credited yet.

  13. Stop reading too much......I can't find anything IN BETWEEN LINES

  14. I agree with Sandeep. Your opinion and belligerence was painful to watch.

    Kind regards


  15. Col.,it hurt my sensibilities to see someone whose opinion and objectivity I have respected for a long time to cut such a sorry figure on live national TV. Your arguments were superficial,your rebuttals unconvincing - just didn't feel right. I have heard you make the argument that L/M doesn't pay your bills but you surely did sound like one yesterday. That disappointed me.

  16. F-35 NOT offered to India: US

    So what does Col. Shukla have to say about this now?

  17. kyo ajai b****ve not replying to comments.....

  18. Journos are the most affected lot post MMRCA decision. Isnt it strange that they are acting in a strange manner while the IAF is happy with their decision !

  19. Mr Ex-Colonel,
    Whatever be your stand, you lost your credibility. Now nobody gives damn about you. You are so arrogant, you bend upon that you are always correct.
    Thanks God, you retired from Army.


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