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Tuesday 31 January 2012




  1. Yes!! Soniaji got heart attack...


  2. WTF :| !!!

    how could rafale ever be the winner ?

  3. Because it's the best ;D

  4. Could it be


  5. Yeahhh, well done India, the best wins!

  6. Balle Balle,
    Excellent Choice
    RAFALE, Waiting to see u in indian colours

  7. Well i thought the Euro fighter was definitely better in tech specs .. But then The French are known to be helpful when it matters the most ( remember Kargil and things that were done to the mirage.. Trust once and you shall be trusted again!)

  8. clean procedure
    well done IAF
    The aircraft fulfills the need.

  9. because it's better AND cheaper
    suck on that! :D

  10. IAF has decided on 126 Rafales and once thay get all the aircraft then they might think of another 63 if required( could be follow on order for more or who knows even the F-35)

  11. SIR , where is ur F - 35 anyways great decision . i think they will supply 40 rafale in 2013

  12. like to add to it French are developing the new engine for LCA and MCA do not be suprised if MCA is JV with the French and Rafa as the base for it

  13. Only surprised to to know that Rafale is only $ 5 Mil cheaper than Typhoon ??? Rafale was supposed to be at-least $ 25 Mil a piece cheaper than Typhoon.

    Looks we need to know who submitted the commercial bid later...I am sure that Dassult submitted the commercial bid later than Eurofighter or some one in the MOD did the James Bond job and corrected the bid amount later.Not impossible since we have seen the whole Hard disks of computers from MOD is vanishing ..last few years.


  14. Congratulations to all, I agree with everybody else here, Rafale is indeed an excellent choice. No point nitpicking over the tech specs of Rafale vs Typhoon; the technical evaluation was over at the point when the top 2 best available fighters got shortlisted last year and the final decision could only have been based on total cost of ownership and political issues. I think it is good that the Rafale comes from a single foreign source than a consortium where more parties would have control over our levers. Also, France has generally been a good all-weather friend and hopefully (after this deal) would be willing to share and cooperate over other technologies and issues.

  15. Anon at 19:29 (and others)

    Don't get excited yet. The MOD does not plan on signing the contract prior to March. That technically could also mean, not signing the contract ever. They have not defined a deadline for signing this contract. Considering that elections are near, this has a potential to become a big election propaganda. Come March, no body would want to sign this....... I think this will probably get cancelled or a re-bid or IAF going alone all the way, or get delayed until next year. And, even if it's delayed who knows what will happen. This thing has been punted so many times, that it's not even worth joking about it. This whole process was a great example of how not to conduct yourself if you are in the market to buy something that is considered so vital to your needs.

  16. 1) Stealth or no-stealth, 5th generation or 4th generation, fighter aircraft are as obsolete for India's defence as bows and arrows. They can be used against neighbors such as Pakistan and China but the United States is EVERYBODY'S neighbor. It has already invaded and occupied Afghanistan, a part of traditional India and will expand its occupation to the rest of the subcontinent. I am India's expert in strategic defence, the father of India's strategic program including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program and the world's greatest scientist (my biography is in Marquis' Who's Who in the World, 2012 and earlier editions). The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan means the coast-to-coast destruction of the U.S. by India; see my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy for India Over U.S.', which can be found by a Yahoo search with the title, for what India needs to do. Russia and other white countries are U.S. allies. These are the enemies to destroy. All other enemies will be taken care of automatically. Conventional arms are worthless for destroying the United States. Nuclear arms to destroy the United States with a FIRST STRIKE -- this is the key -- are cheap and easy to produce with technology India already has. All the money earmarked for fighter aircraft etc., and more, must be pumped into research, development and production of missiles able to deliver India's nuclear warheads -- in the thousands -- to the continental United States. India's missile scientists & engineers should have tested such missiles to their full range decades ago -- everything else, including short and intermediate range missiles and missile defence, is secondary and tertiary -- but have not done that because of prohibitions by India's C.I.A.-controlled governments. This must be done on a war footing; the first step is to destroy RAW through which the C.I.A. rules India; see my blog. Producing such weapons in the thousands and very quickly is important. This means that the vast majority of them must be land-based, including road and rail-mobile, missiles rather than submarine-based which take a long time to produce.

    2) In the modern world nuclear weapons are the only weapons that matter. India has done a negligible amount of testing of nuclear warheads. India must resume the testing of nuclear warheads immediately, both of warheads already in the stockpile and of new designs including thermonuclear warheads. These warheads must have non-digital triggers that cannot be interfered with by microwave signals from satellites, as I have discussed in press releases included in GaddafiCrimeDOTblogspotDOTcom , IndianAirForcePilotsMurderDOTblogspotDOTcom , and JoinIndiaWarOfIndependenceDOTblogspotDOTcom .

    3) The Indian Army and Air Force are worthless for destroying India's number one enemy -- the United States. Everyone in New Delhi is a collaborator with the enemy. But India's nuclear forces obey Satish Chandra; he does not need India's conventional forces or the rest of the government and citizenry to defend India which will be done by nuclear means, by the simultaneous nuclear destruction of New Delhi, Washington and New York with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them by special forces, if there is any retaliation. Five years later the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States will be carried out.

    Satish Chandra

  17. Fortunately the best deal has been reached, perhaps due to the magic of the Mirage.

  18. "However, government sources told Reuters about the $15 billion deal that France's Rafale jet was the likely winner, adding that the defence ministry was now considering buying another 80 or so jets and could invite bidders excluded from the current process to take part."
    Does this mean that India will buy 80 planes from another vendor? F-35 maybe? or F-18?

  19. Just open wiki or any other website which gives information on fighter and military air-crafts and you will find that typhoons are far better....the rafale has under-powered engines and is less agile...what we needed was an medium multirole(with certain amount of air superiority preferred over other existing IAF fighters) fighter as the ground strike roles can be handled by other air-crafts.......a lot of french lobbying and corruption in the deal is clearly visible....the chinese must be laughing at us

  20. tdblog@yahoo.com:


    Awesome selection for many more reasons than mentioned below:
    1. Air, Ground & Reconnaissance capability, Typhoon was missing the ground attack, although some what superior in air attack.
    2. Rafale naval model ready, for replacing the mig29Ks any time we want.
    3. EADS the company of eurofighter typhoon while selecting the head looks towards US, hence it would not have been a fully european buy for India.
    4. Rafale has more wet points than the Typhoon.
    5. Both the planes were the best at this point in the world, except the SU-30MK series and the F22 Raptor.
    6. France has no choice but to support us against China incase it wants to continue with India.
    7. We lost some important support in UN security council lobbying, viz., some of the EADS consortium countries.
    8. The follow-up orders shall be for 80 odd F-35s, thats the grapevine currently, also could be we are not confident of Russia delivering the SU-50 or PAK-FA on time.

    Personally like Ajai mentions that everyone has an opinion, I like this RAFALE selection and trust that it is the best choice. Although Ajai prefers the F-35, I feel that we are to select a F, it should be F22 and nothing else.

    So far so good hail the IAF, MoD and France.

  21. Now you know why the Pakistani "Generals" wear brown pants...no one will notice when they s*** their pants....

  22. Good first step.
    Next....co-dev, co-prod!

    - Manne

  23. The talk of 63/80 numbers of other following order has been floated only to pacify the other contenders.


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