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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Chinese tank units training in snow conditions in Xinjiang

The press caption that accompanied these photographs in People's Daily is as follows:-

It is right time to conduct training when the Tianshan Mountains is covered by accumulated snow. Recently, an armored regiment under the Xinjiang Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) took its troops to the snowy Tianshan Mountains to practice maneuvering, coordination, protection and resistance in lifelike battlefield environment set in complicated area, so as to enhance its troops’ mobile operation ability in arctic-alpine mountainous area.


  1. ahha practicing with light t55 ! well they know the way to arunachal and other area but Indian army busy to buy fancy product like amrica and retiring these beautys.
    why Indian shying away to use these t55 in mountains as first line armourd defence to aggressor

  2. Ajaiji, are you suggesting that Chinese armoured columns will cross Himalayas to India. I believe, the easier approach would be through Pakistan, since they are in the process or already setting up a base there.

  3. @ajai sir

    is this exersize a forerunner to the intended chinese attack on India.

    As Anil Athale puts it in

    apparently our PM Monmohan Singh is also giving same type of comments as given by Nehru in 1961 before the Chinese attack in 1962.

    whats your view on this


    Joydeep Ghosh

  4. And over Chushul..

  5. @ajai
    whats ur opinion on mechanised warfare in high altitude and restricted area. please elucidate

  6. Practicing invasion on Siberia or through Republic of Tibet!

  7. Ajai,

    Looking at these loony comments, I thought I'd write a note to assure you that its not only nut-jobs who read your posts.

    You losing heart and stopping would be a terrible blow to me as I really enjoy your blog.

    All the best,


    PLA has always been a strong advocate of the surprise element. Back then in 1962 they had all the requisite strength to attack India, but they selected a more covert ops.

    They will do something very similar this time too. They shall attack at the most unexpected time and place. They will only be concerned that in case Russia or US interfere. They have to cope for two things, viz., Russian second front war, but this is very unlikely given the weak russia and Putin's close affiliations with the chinese premier. Now the only way US can help is by sealanes and that is taken care thru the high powered but a non nuclear attack by China on the US fleet.

    India has done decent by deploying very strong defences on the arunachal border like cluster bombs, su30 and bhramos regiment. That means an extremely strong resistance for PLA. Now the toughest but least expected place would be thru the siachen glaciers cause their we hav a small deployment. Also the timing will be thick winter when we expect them the least. Pakistan front is too militarised.

    Watever be their game plan, this time it shall be a difficult war for PLA to win. India has progressed decently. We for now hav a more advanced plane than the chinese. Bhramos is a big deterrent in the short range and we are more sceptical of china than ever before. But China cannot wait cause the more time it gives, the so called slow India catches up. If they give us till 2015, we will hav the longer range missiles.

    Submarines based attack is the most vulnerable for us today, because of less submarines, the P7s are yet to arrive.

  9. @Anonymous at 1803:

    Let me put it this way, Some people are 'eminent', as in of high rank, importance or conspicuous.

    If a car is going to run over a cat, she is going to die 'imminently'.


  10. Are we capable of resisting any aggression...??? Sir your views on this.

  11. Luckily I was not born yet in 1962 to witness national shame 1.0 because of Congress idiot Nehru being in driving seat (and driving in reverse)...Would b very painful to see something like 1962 play out again & live rest of the life as living witness of national shame 2.0...


    IMHO, even if route through the Karakoram is easier, it won't help them much...Primarily because IA is well positioned in J&K with Infantry divisions in Akhnoor, Rajauri, Leh and Baramulla. Also there are active mountain divisions which will not let them make inroads and capture territory to use it as bargain for Arunachal.( Which I believe could b their objective) But again, I know little and someone like Ajai ji or other readers should enlighten us.

  12. bas do saal ki baat hai....

  13. Look at these tanks. They are very old vintage ones. If they attack us with this, I will call them IDIOTS.

  14. They may look vintage but they face an army that hasn't got a decent piece of artillery in 27 year.. Doesn't have a tank to use in the snowy terrain..hasnt developed road network to the border for quick deployment fighting internal insurgencies ..not even modern anti tank missile (forget nag that needs an apc to carry it)..

    An idiot against a dumb is always wiser

  15. Colonel sahab where is the FGFA article?

  16. Forget fighting a war with China now with our filthy leadership. During the IInd word war Britan was able to defend itself because of the leadership of Winston Churchill who had a vision and showed his men a common goal. The only vision our current mafia leadership has is to be in power and the only goal is to plunder our wealth... God Bless India!!.. The war we need to fight now is the one against corruption, Join Anna's Moment!! Vande Matharam.

  17. The arrows of the Tibetan Resistance will shatter these metal beasts into a thousand and one fragments.

  18. Wiki has following comments on T-54 and T-55 tanks:

    "T-54 and T-55 tanks continued to be upgraded, refitted, and modernized into the 1990s.

    A wide array of upgrades in different price ranges are provided by many manufacturers in different countries, intended to bring the T-54/55 up to the capabilities of newer MBTs, at a lower cost. Upgrades include new engines, explosive reactive armour, new main armament such as 120 mm or 125 mm guns, active protection systems, and fire control systems with range-finders or thermal sights. These improvements make it a potent main battle tank (MBT) for the low-end budget, even to this day."

    So these Chinese tanks can be a menace at some places on the mountainous Indo-Tibetan border.

  19. Javalein for t-55 clusters for the manchows oh one more thing in 1962 More of Our soilders died of frostbite than Mao's bad breath. Nothing fancy

  20. No sirs, I do not think we will have an attack from the Chinese in near future. Chinese like Indian are also money minded and they they too cannot afford any instability in the region. For they know, I am, even if they fool us and attack us, this is not 1962! We may love to complain about India inadequacies and polity and the lack of rapid modernization of Indian armed forces but they still can defend India. There IS enough sharpness in our teeth to deter an economically progressing country!

    Chinese are on the move too towrds generating monies for their country, and they simply would not want a conflict.

    Having said, we must ignore this scenario and should be prepared for a war tonight! We dont need to be aggressive but be prepared! Our forces should have anything and everything that is required to keep our borders safe and enemy at a distance! We should maintain Indian history of never attacking first but if we are attacked, we must not show mercy! We must be ruthless in our retaliation!

    There will be conflicts between India and China but in distant future and not any time now.

    However China will keep posturing aggressivly in Arunachal and Kashmir region to maintain its image of being ready for a fight and being a power in the region! Let them do that but within there own limits!


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