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Monday 7 February 2011

I'm the Light Combat Helicopter... but you can call me LCH. An introduction at Broadsword...

All photos, courtesy Ajai Shukla. Taken at HAL on 31st Jan 2011, at the second LCH prototype's assembly hanger


  1. Nice to see LCH TD 2 taking up shape.
    But really doubt if it will be able to take part in Aero India

  2. Thank you sir for those beautiful picture

  3. thanks for the snaps...

  4. Good picture Ajai. Are these the latest pictures??? I thought the these birds are flying soon at AI2011.

  5. Ajai ji have you seen the specs of the Mk.2 Tejas? Did you catch a glimpse of the model while you were there visiting ADA?


  6. Nice pics. how does this compare with the AH64 that India is interested in, are they different beasts? Is Hal looking at IOC this year?. I ask this because Tejas took 8 years from TD2 to IOC.

  7. Not to nitpick, but the work area doesn't seem very professional surrounding such a high technology master piece when compared to the other manufacturers of the same category. I guess HAL will mature in the course of time improving its quality.
    But I am very happy to see the LCH flying; I wish it a very bright future.


  8. wow. nice pictures. thanks.

    you said in the other article 200kg weight has been reduced. it seems part of it is wrt the hinged doors on the TD2 as compared to the hydraulic driven upward moving doors on TD1.

    good work HAL.

  9. A professional look does matter.While the general scene is not very different from other manufactures,some things are indeed not 'professional 'grade.The absolutely horrible plastic chair for one.The flooring seems uneven and normal cemented floor.All kits, whether sliding boards,ladders,tools holsters,lighting etc must be professional grade.Work area must be clean and rags etc not lie around.Such items must be placed in a work-box.Little points being observed will build up work discipline,quality and it will reflect professional pride,Perhaps not all HAL areas are like this,since HAL has a lot on its plate.But,regardless, no product of HAL can suffer from any quality slips.

  10. Guys,LCH is flying now and that is within 2 years.Its a big Achievement for HAL considering LCA record.It may be not as advance as other in its class but Definitely fill the big gap and provide great support to indian Army.Also as it locally made maintenence will be less.As we already buying 22 apache or MI-28 so HAl will implement some of the features of these on its product.Combination of these two provide great strength to IAF and indian Army as well.

  11. Maintain OPSEC here.. these are not for mango abduls


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