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Friday 25 February 2011

Coming up: The Dhruv goes to Siachen... an astonishing story of high altitude helicoptering

Stand by for the story... coming up with lots of never-before photos of spectacular Siachen footage As the saying goes... only on Broadsword!


  1. Well why We always batter our product first than try to sell it.

    But by than it is too late because bad name earn by product always tagged like Hutch pug.

  2. Hooray! A story of Indian engineering kicking ass!

  3. weeks, months, years..... when

  4. You wouldn't believe it but me and my friend(being army kids) were discussing if ALH flew to Siachen...
    This is totally insane... :)

    Even though we are Engg. students, totally deserve the thanks in way we have been taught in the Army...

    Thanks a lot for the news Shukla Uncle... :D

  5. So nice of you Col Shukla (who would be surprised to be called/promoted Brig ) !!!

    Thanks a lot. Have you served in Siachen ? I am not sure whether any mechanised forces folks served in Siachen.

  6. Shukla ji... I am excited about this article. I can't wait to see the pictures and read the article. You are very articulate, by the way.

  7. Shukla ji,

    I am excited about this article. Looking forward to it. A very unique achievement by Indian (and French) Engineers that no one has done before.


  8. Thanks goodness!!! I thought you are going publish another scam!!! Its time everybody recognizes HAL efforts
    in making indigenous helos!!!!

  9. Lots of mechanised forces officers serve in Siachen on deputation, cross-attachment and on staff. I, alas, never got the opportunity to serve there.

  10. @BS:

    About serving in Siachen.

    It doesn't matter whether you served or not when you comment on what Dhruv will do in the Glacier. I suspect it would be good fiction on the lines of your recommendations on the MMRCA dogfight. But more on that later.

    What is incorrect is your assertion that offrs of the mech forces serve in staff in Siachen. No, they do not. They (like staff from any and every arm) serve in Parta or Leh depending upon whether its the Bde or the Div. That does not mean that they do not do an equally important if not more vital job. But the distinction is clear and important.

    You have a nasty habit of slipping these inaccuracies to embellish your bias. The unsuspecting do not realise that they are being influenced.


  11. When is this article coming up? I am looking forward to it!

  12. .......still waiting!

  13. Wait for a while... it's a long flight to Siachen.

  14. Kat:

    You are smug and self-satisfied without any discernible reason for being so pleased with yourself.

    When I was commanding an armoured regiment, I had two officers under my command who had served in the glacier... not in Parta or base camp... but in 16,000 foot plus posts in the northern glacier.

    One had served on cross attachment with an infantry battalion (2 GRENADIERS), and one on deputation to a Vikas battalion. Both were decorated while they were there.

    The only unsuspecting person here is you. I don't think you have the faintest suspicion of exactly how ill-informed you are!

  15. Sir it is reaaly cold out here on the glacier... we have been standing by for too long.

  16. @BS:

    Do read s l o w l y and carefully what I write.

    # I never said that offrs from the mech forces do not serve in the Siachen Glacier. I was correcting your assertion that staff who serve in the area (Bde or Div) serve in the Glacier.But off course mech offrs serve in the Glacier, like they serve in RR regts and else where, and with distinction.

    # The distinction is clear and important. The issue is not what I know (and you could be surprised), cuz its your blog. But what you know but choose to embellish.

    # And kind sir, it is not important that you commanded a regt and were Mr Superman and bit bullets. I take issue only about your (faulty) analysis, on issues such as MMRCA, IAF's airy neglect of the ground war, your cheap shots on leadership, your bits on airpower in Kargil etc.

    # Apologies if you felt it to be personal. Can I take that part back about 'nasty habit'. Let's call it persistent inaccuracies.


  17. Kat:

    I see that you are adopting the standard ploy of the intellectually dishonest when they are confronted with the truth... to get verbose and spout a bunch of irrelevant arguments... a bit like air force pilots sending out chaff and flares!

    My original statement, which you contested, was "Lots of mechanised forces officers serve in Siachen on deputation, cross-attachment and on staff."

    Are you under the impression that staff officers of 102 Bde don't serve in Siachen, just because they are based in Partapur? Funny that they uniformly (ha! ha!) come back wearing Siachen Glacier ribbons on their chests!

  18. Kat:

    Your statement: "I take issue only about your (faulty) analysis, on issues such as MMRCA, IAF's airy neglect of the ground war, your cheap shots on leadership, your bits on airpower in Kargil etc."

    So if you disagree with me on those issues, try to contradict me on those issues. Don't vent your angst on Siachen, a subject about which you seem to know very little.

  19. @BS:

    The ribbon with one white band and two grey bands flanking it, is awarded for Op Meghdoot. Men who serve in N Area carrying out important tasks such as lgs supply also qualify for the medal (and rightly so). But Chandigarh is a little away from U Cut or Khanda, presuming you know where these are.

    As I said it is not important what I know, but what you write about.

    About your analysis; those posts are from some time back. I'll discuss the new ones as and when they come. That is iff you are keen on another point of view and don't get so riled.

    May we please move on, sir?


  20. Kat:

    Are you suggesting that the soldiers in Chandigarh who are loading supplies for U-Cut or Khanda are also awarded the Op Meghdoot medal?

    Or are you... in the flare-and-chaff dispenser style that you have clearly adopted... just throwing out more irrelevant names to dodge the main issue once again: which was, remember, that mechanized officers also serve on the glacier?!

    Am I keen on another point of view? I post your views, don't I? So don't throw out yet another flare, this one being: "you don't like criticism... so you'll black me out, poor me labouring under such disadvantages!"

  21. @BS:

    #Flares and Chaffs. These are 'Counter Measures' (and used not only by ac, surface vessels too use them as you should know) employed against threats. They may be used peremptorily as well. In my case, I didn't employ any for there was no threat.

    # The issue was simple. You implied "mech offrs serving on staff serve in the glacier". The truth is that while they do serve in Op Meghdoot, they do not serve in the Glacier.Why is it so difficult for you to accept that? I hasten to add again that they do a darn fine job. I may be guilty of nit picking. If so, I rest my case.

    # "Publishing my views", Yes you are doing that. Very white of you! But how about accepting the fact that may be, just may be, you were not completely correct (at least this time)?


  22. This is pretty cheap publicity.... It has been so long since you said the story was coming. One could have expected that you would have done the research and were just waiting to finish your write-up when you publicized for this. It seems it is the other way around.....pretty cheap way to keep interested in your blog

  23. Dear Kat,

    Mech Inf as you know was created from the Infantry. The 1st four battilions were taken from some of the most decorated and senior inf battalions (for ex 1st Sikh which became 4th Mech) by Gen Sundarji and the affairs of the Mech Inf Regt were transferred to the DGMF only a few years ago. Infact the 1st 14 battalions of Mech Inf are straight conversions from from Inf units and still use their mother unit desigs as part of thier current desig. Ex 13 Mech Inf (18 Rajput) My point...Mech Inf and Inf are very close and there would be several cases of Mech Inf offrs serving in Inf Batallions on the Galcier and in other field areas in Inf role. You might remember Maj Rajesh Singh Adhikari 18 Grenadiers was a Mech Inf offr on dept to 18 Grenadiers and made the ultimate sacrifce as Coy Cdr (Company Commander) during the first assualt on Tololing during Kargil. Just an example of Mech Inf offrs serving with inf batalions in combat.

    Infact I have heard of Armd Offrs commanding Inf battalions (not brigades, battalions). Never come across it myself but heard it from close friends in the army.

    Happy to get final confo from a family friend in India who commanded 3 Madras in its Glacier stint in the early/mid 2000s.

    And may I say, is it right for any of us to make personal comments on here. We are all here because we are concerned about national security arent we? Why fight amongst ourselves and question people's integrity? Lets maintain civility shall we.

    Col Shukla sirji, tusi vi shant ho jao pls ;-)


  24. @Akshay:

    Thank you for the gen on Mech Inf. It seems well meant.

    That said, I'll say this for the last time and s l o w l y.

    # Firstly, While the largest arm (in numbers) is the infantry, all varieties serve in the glacier- gunners, docs, tank men on attachment and even air force met assts (IAF). Nearly two decades back, fighter pilots too served as FACs for three month stretches at the Bn HQ.

    # Next, several units earn the well deserved Op Meggdoot medal, despite not serving in the Siachen Glacier. That is because the Op defines a geographical area and lays down QRs.

    # So a Staff Offr will deservedly earn his medal and may not see the glacier save the required staff visits. This Staff Offr may be from any of the arms (and services) including the good Col's cavalry brethren.

    # That is why I pointed out the BS inaccuracy. Granted, I should question facts and opinions and not motives. And apologies on that.

    # But I think he doth protest too much.


  25. Thank you Kat,

    Your point re staff officers is correct. But the main issue was that there are cases where Mech Inf offrs have served in pickets on the glacier as platoon commanders and coy cdrs on deputation to Inf bats.

    Most people reading these exchanges would focus on that role rather than staff role at Bde or Div Hq right?

    Great, lets ALL focus on opinions , theories and 'facts' instead of personalities and motivations.

    Btw I get the impression you know about airpower. Do say hello on Would be good to have an offline chat.

    Ajai sir fee free to delete the last para if you feel thats inappropriate.


  26. I think we should start awarding smart ass Gold stars. So far Hindi chini bhai bhai and kat deserve these.


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