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Wednesday 6 November 2013

Exercise Hand-in-Hand: Chinese and Indian soldiers clearly having fun!!


  1. I have not yet read this article. But the headline leaves much to imagine. At the risk of being off the mark....let me pen down, that such interaction between China and India is a great thing.

    It builds trust and communication at different levels. This can only be a good thing helping to nurture the huge trade cooperation between our countries + also counter the drudge of terrorism that is the common problem of the region (albeit in different measures to different countries).

    As the pre-eminent economies of the Asian region, China and India have much to gain with peace PLUS trust between our two nations.

    Two more points to end-

    1. This should not be viewed as anti Pakistan. Rather it should have inclusive elements for all smaller countries of the region.

    2. Neither country should be naive to slack our vigil on our borders (there is no dearth of disgruntled elements who give in to being misguidance, hate....and ultimately - terrorism).

    Hope I am not off the mark.


  2. Good relations with China and Pakistan ( particularly difficult as the Pakistanis are as "emotional" as us) has to be doggedly pursued.With rising trade and co-operation the Military option will become non attractive and there will an influential section in all three countries who will oppose Military solutions.
    The opposition will come not from the Military because they will have increasingly Global roles but from Uncle Sam who will use every trick in the Yankee book to retain World Dominance without risking American ( read White American ) lives.

  3. The weapon. Has the army chosen this as the primary assault weapon for its troops or it this one of the contenders undergoing a user trail?

  4. Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai

  5. Indians can be peaceful, but they can also be strong. Hey, Chinkis, are you going to be peaceful, or do you want to get your asses kicked?


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