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Thursday 24 May 2012

Naval training sailship completes 5000 nautical mile odyssey

The Indian Navy's training sailship, the Mhadei, arrived at Kochi Port today after completing a grueling 5000 nautical mile odyssey to South East Asia. The vessel, skippered by naval pilot Lieutenant Commander Abhilash Tomy, was on a training voyage to provide off shore sailing experience to two officers and four sailors.

The Mhadei began its voyage from its base port, Goa, on 17th March. Over the next two months, it sailed to Ezhimala, Kochi, Port Blair, Langkawi and Phuket. Lieutenant Commander Tomy terms it a good experience despite having to  face the gathering monsoon winds on their return leg. 

The vessel will cast off from Kochi on 29th May to return to Goa. Mhadei had created history when Commander Dilip Donde of Indian Navy became the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe solo in May 2010.


  1. Can you post on the revelations by VKS a week before retiring, especially the fight that seems to be going on to ensure the corrupt punju lobby does not foist more people like suhag singh on the army chief position? its pretty explosive and everyone would like to hear ur take on the matter versus rumors

  2. Not good to see Ajai's latest talk show program on the VKS issue.

    Here is a man who is fighting corruption and it was sad to see Ajai indulging in petty sniping about trivialities.

    Ajai says VKS has divided the army. But as claimed by Tejinder Singh, people have been taking money both before VKS and will take money after VKS. Should people like VKS take money and "blow with the win d"?

    I hope Ajai is not turning into another weasel like Shekhar Gupta.


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