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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Russian envoy: media unfair to Russian arms

Russian ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, showed his frustration over media reporting on Russian arms sales

by Ajai Shukla
8th Dec 11
(A shorter version of this post was published in Business Standard today)

Moscow’s frustration over its declining share of India’s defence market boiled over today, with the Russian ambassador, Alexander Kadakin, alleging unfair treatment by the Indian media at a press conference in New Delhi.

Reacting to a Business Standard/Broadsword report (Technology transfer, supply of assemblies hit Russian stonewall, dated 28th Nov 11), which highlighted contractual lapses by Russia in the indigenous production of the T-90S tank, Kadakin lashed out at this correspondent and simultaneously blamed the Heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF), Avadi, which builds the T-90S tank.

“One journalist… maybe he was having a very difficult hangover in the morning… wrote something that Russia is not supplying drawings for T-90. Russia is not giving the steels or the other necessary (components). Everything he wrote from beginning to end was completely false. Completely false. Russia has completely carried out all its obligations as regards T-90. The problem was with the producers here; the manufacturers here. We were not commenting on this because we were not wanting to blackmouth (sic) the Indian partners. They had problems, not Russia,” declared Kadakin

I accosted Kadakin after the press conference and asked him why the Russian Embassy had not responded to my questionnaire, which I had emailed them a week before actually carrying the story. I asked him whether he had any specific responses now, or was merely trying to dodge the issue by blaming a correspondent’s hangover.

Kadakin made some feeble joke, suggested that I have a vodka (at the hospitality bar that the Russian Embassy had set up for the press conference), and scuttled off.

In the press conference, Kadakin also castigated the Indian media for “rejoicing” when Russia’s Mi-28 attack helicopter lost out to the US-built Apache AH-64D in the trials held earlier this year by the Indian Air Force (IAF), Kadakin said, “Yes, we lost the contract of attack helicopters to Apache. But no correspondent wrote that Russia participated in that tender just to be in that tender. But what a huge noise was raised here. Russia is losing its position… as if one were rejoicing over it.”

While India remains a major buyer of Russian military equipment, Russian sales have been eroded by new competition, primarily from Israel and the US. America’s presence has been boosted by recent sales of the C-130J Super Hercules; and the C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft; and the P8I Poseidon multi-role maritime aircraft (MMR).

Lashing out at Washington’s recent indication that it would sell India its cutting edge F-35 Lightening II joint strike fighter, Kadakin declared, “Some other countries, sometimes it seems as if they are throwing carrots into India’s garden. They throw a carrot about some 35 plane (i.e. the F-35). Are you sure they will give the technologies,” said Kadakin, taking a swipe at the strict controls that the US exercises over defence technologies.

Moscow’s breezy attitude towards technology controls was evident in the Kadakin’s explanation of how Pakistan’s JF-17 fighter was flying with a Russian RD-93 engine, despite Moscow’s assertions that it would not sell arms to Pakistan: “Sorry, we are not in the picture. If China is selling (the engine to Pakistan)… they should not do it. If they violate (our contract), we are nowhere in the picture.

Kadakin lamented that the media only highlighted delays to Russian platforms, like the Gorshkov aircraft carrier; and three frigates that Russia is building. In a barely disguised swipe at the French Scorpene submarine programme, he said, “Of course there were delays about the (Russian) frigates… But why are you not writing about a three-year delay in some other marine thing… and you know what I mean.”

Pointing obliquely to the Akula class nuclear submarine that Moscow is leasing to India, Kadakin emphasising Russia’s unique role in provided strategic technologies.

“Why don’t you write about other things we are giving you… some underwater things? What other country has given you that?” demanded Kadakin.

Russian media reports have suggested that the nuclear submarine is undergoing final trials before being handed over to the Indian Navy, which will name it INS Chakra. Kadakin confirmed that the submarine was “in the pipeline” and “it will come soon”.

To highlight the success of the India-Russia defence relationship, Kadakin also pointed to the Brahmos programme, in which the two countries jointly built a supersonic cruise missile, Kadakin claimed that Russia had “given India the best of technologies for Brahmos… as a result of which you have the best supersonic missile in the world.”

It was another typically Kadakin example of chicanery. Russia has not “given India” any technologies for the Brahmos! The two sides have developed their respective portions of the missile separately, and both sides’ components and sub-systems are assembled into Brahmos missile systems without any technology being transferred.

Kadakin demonstrated during the press conference that he is neither a military technologist, nor a diplomat. Rather, he is a politician and a showman who can beguile Indian audiences, which tend to have little or no knowledge of military-technical issues.

Kadakin also brought up the GLONAS issue: “Who has have offered you the high-precision signal for GLONAS. Yes, they [i.e. the Americans] can offer you GPS… and you will get in the same trouble as they got in Iraq. India is, was and will be the first and only country which has been offered GLONAS. And the decision was taken by the government to give it only to India as a special exception, taking into account our especially friendly relations.”


  1. lol. This guys seems to have too much Vodka. The attitude of this fellow is disappointing. Useless idiot is the right word for him.

  2. Hello!!! Hello!!! Hello!!!

    Whats happening Ajai sir

    looks like both Kadakhin and you have taken things parsonally dishing out cuastic remarks, eh!! so much about clean journalism

    By the way i have NEWS FLASH for you France is planning to shut down the Rafale production line possibly after 2015.

    So even if it wins MMRCA the IAF will be left in the lurch,

    what do you have to say about all this.

    tank you

    Joyfdeep Ghosh

  3. I think may be his frustration is justified. Russia has been a good friend of India. There have been delays , but they have helped us in our primary weapon systems including the Su 30mki, brahmos, fgfa, t 90, mi 17s.They have always offered the best of their tech.

  4. This ambassador sounds like a relic of the cold war days and is still living in denial mode.

    Maybe its time for Russians to send a more 'worldly-wise' ambassador to India, rather than take us for granted and send intellectually challenged men.

  5. Za zdarovie tavarichtch :)
    Anyway, Russia is still by far the first supplier of defence toys to Indian armed forces. Do you think this predominance could be challenged in the future ?

  6. col i believe this gentle man has a stromg father is in hvf n he said to me that it isnt russians who r at fault but it is the arrogant employees n unions of them who r largely at fault.....they don ve the necessary skills to absorb the technology.....i myself did my summer intern there i saw myself there so called patriotic work one month they produce only 1-2 tanks engines....this is when there own target is 3-5 every month....that too in 2 shifts.....they are more worried about the overtime allowance rather than their i strongly believe that the fault lies with our side they don ve right kind and qty of skilled person....

  7. Shukla ji, What is wrong with the first sentence of your article? i.e. you arrive at the somewhat premature and jaundiced conclusion that their frustration is due to market share only.

    I rate you as a defence journo but I have stated previously that you are somewhat precious and thin skined when criticised.

    This article is a case in point. In my view you have used your superior command of English vis a vie the Russian chap and painted him in a poor light especially by quoting his broken English at length which, when taken in proper context, may paint a somewhat different and more coherent riposte from him.

    Maybe your thin skin re criticism is something to do with your previous career as a ranking army officer - i.e. not used to direct criticm from all and sundry.

    Notwithstanding this average piece of work, you are a damn good defence journo and I do enjoy your articles.

    Lets hope you publish this feedback.



  8. Russians shall consider themselves lucky that Boris Yeltsin could not completely chop off their Military Industrial Complex. However he was able to give them such a shock which took no less than ten years to come out of it. So Russian defense industry was clearly lagging behind at least by 10 years and it had to have the due consequence. Had Russia continued with the development and production of modern and larger aircrafts than IL-76, in most probability India should have purchased them.

    It is only in the larger interests of Russia that they shall not only provide timely feedback and pro-active ToT to India but shall also march a step ahead for real partnership development with India in fields which shall include latest research and technologies apart from usual business. This shall be the latest capitalistic trend for them.
    It is highly commendable the way Russia has done business with India regarding Su-30MKI, Brahmos, Arihant etc, with the same spirit I think they should move a step ahead to check and help that why Indian companies are not able to convert their know how of T-90 in to the ground reality.

    Clearly their positive points out weight their negative points, but why even those negative points shall exist at all.

  9. I do think that the Russian envoy has a point - Make new friends (for strategic or whatever reason), but do not forget the old. This does not necessarily mean you need to buy from them. Just because somebody disagrees with a viewpoint, does not mean that his/her credibility has to be questioned (and I am referring to both The Diplomat and The Correspondent here). Only reference to Military-Technical issue is not sufficient (in my opinion); it should rather be Military-Technical-STRATEGIC perspective. We have a proven friend, let us not loose them; of course, this does not stop you from making new friends!

  10. haaa haaa shuklaji.... you really created an impact on that diplomat :)... any way you should write an article about Russia :)

  11. We can understand the Russian Envoys Displeasure because they are a true friend of indian and they always supported India and helped India in many ways AND WE ALSO KNOW THAT BROADSWORD IS A PUPPET OF AMERICA AND ALWAYS SUPPORTED AND WANTED THE AMERICAN MILTARY HARWARE FOR INDIAN FORCE WE FEEL PITTY FOR YOU MR BROADSWORD

  12. That calls for a serious investgations into the cahrges put forward by you in the previous article by the MoD and audit of OFB by the CAG.

    After all attepts to spoil realtions between India and another country is culpable offence under IPC.

  13. While I enjoyed your Arjun article, I have since read on other blogs that the problem with the T-90 is in fact local, just as this bloke in the suit said.

    And while you are right he is not much of a diplomat, your article should have been beyond scrutiny and water tight. If I were you, this would probably hurt more than those idiots who claim you have sold your soul to LM, Boeing and gripen.

    But please keep the arjun articles themselves coming, I will say it again, they rock!

  14. Dear Ajay Sir,
    Russia's is justifying its folly by giving example of other's folly. It is them who have escalated Gorshkov's price etc. They give one item to India and then transfer the same to China such as RD engines. China makes variants and supply in abundance to Pak and other rogue nations. The Chinese stealth plane has huge similarities with PAK-FA, I think they have got this so called stealth plane prior to India. Reliability of defense hardware,quality and supplies from Russia is a big issue. Our Mig25 sqns suffered heavily from shortfall in supplies.

  15. typical politician....

    he should read more newspapers as delay in scorpene is equally reported

    and btw...the delay in scorpene justifies the delay of subs??...

    and is this the first time they have delayed something??

    brahmos part was the funniest...WE gave u tech...rofl lmao...

  16. Dear sir,

    In your opinion piece, "End this MMRCA hara kiri", you had strongly pressed F-35 as a viable alternative for MMRCA. Later in the comments, you had suggested that FGFA is not a 5th gen fighter, and that you will post your comments on this soon. Can u please give a summary of your reasons for this opinion?

  17. Even on BR Forums, you have a few tom fools who still believe Russian is best, rest have woken up and are wary of Russian tactics and methods. We Indians went overboard on pro Russian emotionalism, and today, 30% of my taxes are taken by the Govt of India to spend on the nation. I'd rather whatever portion does not get eaten by the corrupt UPA Congress sarkar goes to at least buy the best equipment, not the Russian gear which lacks in meeting contracts. Shameless people renege on their contracts immediately. T-90, Gorshkov, so many cases where they say something, do something else.

  18. @ Joydeep Ghosh

    You have a talent for taking the right inputs and reaching the wrong conclusion! Dassault will shut down the Rafale line ONLY in case it does not win any foreign orders. That is what the statement from France says.

    @ Anonymous 14:47

    If your father has said that HVF has a problem with unions, that is unsurprising. Which factory does not have a problem with unions?

    But if you care to go back and re-read my article, it details specific ToT and other problems related to the T-90 that have nothing to do with unions.

    @ Anonymous 15:10 (PHL)

    You write: "you have used your superior command of English vis a vie the Russian chap and painted him in a poor light especially by quoting his broken English at length"

    Are you suggesting that a news report about a press conference should not use quotes from the person addressing the press conference? Or do you believe one should clean up his English to misquote him?

    My problem, in any case, is not with his English. It is with the fact that he is using dodgy facts to try and justify Russia's falling market share.

    @ Anonymous 17:07

    You write: "And while you are right he is not much of a diplomat, your article should have been beyond scrutiny and water tight."

    Which part of my article is not beyond scrutiny? And which part is not water tight? I would love to hear from you?

    Remember... the Russians were sent all these points for comment and they sat on it for a week. No reply. No comments. No rebuttals. Now, the ambassador is charging the correspondent with having a hangover! But he still has no rebuttal or rejoinder to EVEN ONE of the points that the article raises!

    @ Others

    Article on FGFA is certainly coming up!

  19. @ Joydeep Ghosh: there's been some confusion on what the French minister said yesterday, he precised later that 2030 would be the dealine for production if no export deal is secured. 2030 means the end of the production for the roughly 300 Rafale that FAF and FN will get. So far 180 Rafale have been contracted, leading to production till 2018, but the remaining 120 or so will be contracted in due time, irrespective of any export contract.

  20. This, this Russian You Owe Me attitude has to be my worst fear but now it's no more a fear but a bitter fact.

  21. Wow! Surely this isnt journalism Mr Shukla. This is more a personal rant against the Russian ambassador. Hate to see you stoop to this level - your readers hold you up to a higher set of standards than this.

  22. Sir,
    2) What is the difference between brahmos and ?
    2) Has India really contributed to the development of brahmos ?

  23. I feel Col.Shukla's blog Broadsword is about raising awareness among the defense enthusiasts and those seeking information about our Military-Industrial complex. It is good to have different perspectives about our defense acquisitions. If Col.Shukla's voice sounds criticizing, then we have to analyze his perspectives and introspect. There is a old saying "Every coin has 2 sides". Col.Shukla's article is one side of the coin, which he has brought forth. Shree Kadakin's denials are the other side of the coin. It would be nice if Shree Kadakin realizes that in modern media, people believe in story that is most widely circulated. Hence instead of criticizing Col.Shukla, Shree Kadakin should hire or develop good journalists, who can present Russia's views in English with a rival blog. Just my 2 cents.

  24. To be fair the Russian ambassador has a point, Indian reporting has been quick to judge.

    "Which part of my article is not beyond scrutiny?"

    Check the comments but the main quibble is that without showing the breached contractual documents themselves (or official comment to that effect) the point that Russia did not supply technology for certain sub-systems used within the T-90 is very weak.

    Basically companies are within their rights to retain technology they are not contractually agreed to deliver, India may not like that but they should pay finer attention to the fine print as we all should to avoid disappointment.

    Considering innovations from the Indian Yakhont seem to be finding their way into other missiles like Shaurya it would be unfair to downplay the importance of the project.

  25. Sir,
    Russian defensive weapons (Like anti-tank weapons or Anti-aircraft weapons) are the best in the world.
    1) Take an example of 9M 133 Kornet. Even NATO. country (Turkey) is using them. But we are going to buy old Javelin.
    2) Take the anti ship weapon like Sunburn missile, (Our Brahmos is slight modification) west has nothing in comparison.
    3) Or you can take S-400 Triumf. Do west is having anything any comparison ? The answer is probably NO.
    So please do not underestimate Russians.
    Ps. DasGupta.

  26. Sir i understand that there is serious issues with Russians when it comes to tech sharing. But we must not forget that they are the only reliable ally in this hostile neighborhood ever since our independence.

    Instead of blaming the Russians for holding back the tech why cant we summaries the whole issue as the collective failure of our foreign policy towards Russia , why are we not able to solve it diplomatically.

    As we all know that our efforts to tame the rugged Pakistanis is an evident example of our failed foreign policy.

    Its only after the so called "American angle" was changed on the Pakistan, as US lost its "interest" in it, the whole world started noticing unstable Pakistan is a potential threat to world peace.

    Yes you can argue that Americans will support us now , but the history shows their meaning of what a friend is.

    You ave pointed out in your article that only after the diplomatic intervention and the new order of 300 odd tanks they started giving the tech.

    After having good relations with Russia for more than 50 years why are we not able to understand the interior thread pulling in Russia like in our country when it comes to money making deals ? and make a lobby accordingly?

    Sir whats your view on this aspect.

  27. Rather than Russian government complaining about the lack of positive articles for Russian arms industry, my suggestion to them will be to find out the problems within themselves and sort it out. We have seen slippages in all the projects meant for Indian armed forces from Russian arms industry and the government of Russia. We saw huge delays in INS Vikramaditya the aircraft carrier, we saw huge delays in Nerpa, we saw delays with INS Teg and follow on frigates, we saw issues with T-90 and the refusal of Russia to address the issues. We are not even hearing news about the Indo-Russian MRTA. The Russian government must also understand now that India is no more the small chicken under the wings of mother USSR. We today is a great power, with strong economic, political, military and soft power capability (which is unmatched anywhere in the world) So trying to belittle such a nation and it's capabilities by saying we gave you etc etc, will only make the Russian government official look like fools. Regarding the strong people to people ties it has been great and will remain strong for ever. The bonding between the people of these two countries is very strong. The Russian government attitude and the delays can even make the strategic relation between the two countries to nil. But the people to people ties and bonding will go on forever. Hope the Russian government will realize their mistake, find the issues and sort them out immediately for furthering the strategic relationship between India and Russia. They must better learn and adopt the attitude and working culture of the U.S government in delivering the C-130J ahead of Schedule. Such speedy delivery and pro active approach, will be appreciated and not complaints, lethargy and arrogant attitude if the Russian government wish to continue a good strategic relationship with India.

  28. were right, you are still military. Jurnos don't fight it out this way. I address you Col..not to remind you that you are ex-military, but to give you honor that you deserve for serving the country. But, you are Jurno moderate it in unbiased fashion, present us facts and we will make our own conclusion. Please do not take away our privilege of having opinion. HE Ambassador could be wrong on few things, but few facts about cooperation on MKI, Arihant & Brahmos are true. Let's not be in bed with Americans to such a extent that we forget basic traditions of Inida. H E Ambassador deserves respect as he is a state guest of India. Still you can disagree with him, but with respect. Yes, H E Ambassadors ways of interacting with you too were very undiplomatic and very unbecoming of high office he holds, but it is your dharma to give H E Ambassador due respect where he deserves. May i suggest, you bring in element of respect for HE Ambassador, for sake of India. I know you are not very pleased with H E Ambassador, but as i said he is a state guest and that too from country that helped us so much. Indo-Russian friendship should not be transactional, but it is strategic. Thanks for your research, may better sense prevail in Russian Embassy and they learn ways of this new world (Hire a ..PR

  29. dear ajai shukla,

    russian army already uses t-90 tank. it is in their service. wikipedia says so.

    why do you give wrong information ?

  30. Sir,
    1) What is the difference between brahmos and P-800 Oniks?
    2) Has India really contributed to the development of brahmos ?
    3)Since restrictions and sanctions have been lifted by U.S.A... cant we develop a longer range brahmos with the Russians ?

  31. Sir .. please answer my questions...

  32. Just want to say 1 thing!!! India has paid what ever you have asked ?? and how many times you have asked you know it!!(Russia).. Stop blaming Indian media they know what they are publishing!! You have always snatching india in favour of technology transfer!! you dont completely transfer technology!! Spare parts for fighters and many othe components india is now searching form oter countries!! This is not the first time you (Russia) have snatched indian money.. the problem with smerch, t90 tanks, su 30mki fighter, missiles and many more which you have trnsfered to india doesnt work .. no spare parts for all these equipments... Now why has india is purchasing from america .. u want answer u already have.. If you would be a reliable partner or best friend of india this type of issues would not happen!!! At last if you have given to india something India has paid a lot lot lot to you!!! Billions has been spent in russian outdated equipments you know it!! whole worls knows russian has outdated equipment.. but still india is purchasing from you guys... I am sorry to write this i dont hate russia i know russia has helped india in many ways. but please stop blaming indian media for this !!!! What you give is what you get back!!!! By INDIAN.

  33. A bunch of newbies here, very sad that glorious fatherland got ticked off by a desi. Grow a spine you kids, an Indian telling off a Russian or anyone is long overdue.

    You chaps and your craven worship of the foreign self appointed deities are disgusting. So what if Shukla gave as good as he got.

    And coming to Brahmos versus Yakhont, go do some reading at least.

    According to Wiki+Google,
    The Brahmos has an Indian supplied navigation system and the rest of the logistics, its launchers, mission control etc is all Indian.
    The ramjet missile, seeker are from Russia. Basically Russia made good money out of India through the Brahmos so whats this sense of mai baap, you are our saviour when it comes to Russia?

    Make yourself and your country so strong that the Russians shut up, like they do when China fingers them over J11 being a Su27 copy. Instead idiot Indians keep electing pusillanimous leaders who either donate territory or make a habit out of Gandhigiri on a stage where power rules.

  34. Kadakhin may be true about T90 mess up by Public sector manufacturers. We all know how Babu's & unions work. This is not the first time we hear this, even US ambassador was doubting about the ability of HAL to absorb MMRCA technology.

    It is high time the Govt disinvest the majority stake of the bureaucracy plagued inefficient defense manufacturers like HAL, DRDO, Heavy Vehicle factory & Shipyards to general public so that the management is answerable to stockholders and investors and also bring in private sector to compete with the divested entities.

    Defense manufacturers should fight one another to grab their share of orders or perish. I dont think this is likely to happen as long as Mr Antony is at the top. It is not enough if he is Mr Clean our country needs a new Mr Clean cum Efficient.

    Hope Annaji brings down this Govt, we can try our luck with a new Defense minister.

  35. Well the guy did made some meaningful comment though.


  36. Anon you suggest we be like China!! To be courteous is not a major requirement for newbies or oldies like you - BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR EVERYBODY.

    Rather debate here should be why is Russia denying us technology. Simple Answer - we have potential to compete with their stuff. Moment of pride and up our game for future. After centuries we can be at negotiating table with upper hand, lest our PSU should not fail us - Which most likely they will as THEY DON'T CARE and GOVT just care about them as a vote banks.

    So be courteous as in another 100 centuries we can never be even near China. And all of us lets change nappies of 'Didi'. Probably it should become national pastime in next 5years, for most of us here in India. Long live Democracy...

  37. The most amazing part of the comments here is that people have this 'awe' about Russians, how they are the big brothers.

    No one has one shred of data or fact or counter argument about how what Col Shukla wrote is wrong. No one has bothered to use an objective argument(s). Everyone is willing to take the word of a Russian Ambassador (if there were any) over that of an Indian journalist.

    What everyone seems to forget is that Shukla has put his reputation and integrity on line by publishing those articles. If powers that be consider this to be factually incorrect or misinformation, well, go ahead and give counterarguments/facts and sue the gentleman.

    Lets see people put their money where their mouth is. But, let me tell you what, not gonna happen. Instead we have 'experts' like PSG, actually PCG, writing disparaging comments. Let him put up an article and rebut...but again, not going to happen.


    I guess you may have seen this before. Your article has ruffled a few feathers.

  39. This is

    High regards for Ajai, but when it comes to love for Americans direct or indirect and hate for their competitors you vent less intellectual but more venom. I am not the one accusing you of any misgivings but at the end of the day you are an ordinary human being and have strong preferences or choices.

    Let me point out to some things which you have missed or omitted:

    1. India's test of Agni II prime, later rechristened as Agni IV, seeker and complete monitoring capacities which were missing were refused by all the countries and Russia helped.

    2. Irrespective of whatever blames, today HAL is making a SU-30mki from scratch, this exposure has a direct help in making Tejas and achieving air superiority over Pakistand and China both.

    3. Brahmos a JV is a successful example of what Indo-Russia has achieved, and if your claim for sharing no technology is correct, then you are suggesting that India was doing a big favour by participating in this Joint venture which India did not need at all, you went overboard, pls accept it. And India could have created a world class missile on its own, but we obliged Russia...joke...!

    4. Even if it is a SSN and not SSBN like the Arihant, the indirect help or the not published help that India receives from Russia is helping us build a SSBN and Indigenous Aircraft carrier. these helps never detailed out, but are officially acknowledged by our naval forces.

    5. I agree that Russia has a problem of delayed delivery of spares and equipments, but the record is no better for any Indian DPSUs either. Rather we share this pain and understand it better. Not that I am advocating that delays are justified. But lets not blame our lack of a Defence Industrial Complex onto everything that Russia has delayed.

    ...contd in next post...

  40. ...Contd by

    6. Today Mig29K with its recent upgrade shall be a real threat, infact SU-33 which are being used by Russian Navy have placed orders for Mig29K variant for their use.

    7. Also lets accept that India has been opportunistic in buying arms recently, with the new bent by Americans. Remember one thing, Americans are going thru some very delicate phase, China threat, US knows that beyond 2020 it will be impossible to balance a China threat without India. Also they are very friendly cause they are in dire state of need for Money and hence that additional motivation to sell to India. Remember even UK the closest ally of US does not get tech transfers easily, so forget India.

    8. Russia has supported us historically when probably we were of no use to it. Lets not forget time cycles change quickly and we might want them equally badly in case we are attacked by China.

    9. You theatre or mimic the Russian ambassador, while not even a very feeble mention of the same frustration by the American ambassador who later resigned when American planes were ousted from MMRCA, cause your parent newspaper company receives too much funding from US missions. Don't take it personally, but it is your mere job to be neutral and write, atleast dont get caught so openly advocating for US.

    10. JAS Gripen article or F35, both single engine jets and both americans engines, but you stand by them like you are the last aircraft expert on earth and contradict every point against them by anybody as if any other plane was a waste in front of them. Too much lack of info or correct comparisons were lacking. It was looking like the CNBC Autocar award were they reward the best in segment car by manipulations rather than by merit.

    India is better off in buying the best equipments from either countries, but at larger interest we need to develop fast to catch up with China and that can only happen by technology transfers, where Russians beat the Americans by a very big margin. Let value them both in the support they are showing towards India, whatever the reasons be.

    Infact if we really have to complain to Russia, then it should be about their war threatening arms and technology sales to China, that should be a real point of debate for Indo-Russo conflict rather then these petty ones.

  41. I like glosnass part except everything was crap

    Old man completely lost it

    rench Scorpene issue is a real problem,It should be in Media French are lazy & greedy businessman in General.

    Also I have no doubt US Govt & Defense companies Gives bribe,offers to this Indian Journos, A visit to the Ohio & you will say a single word against us

  42. Hello. And Bye.


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