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Friday 9 December 2011

MoD press release: Sino-Indian defence dialogue prepares roadmap for exchanges next year


New Delhi: Agrahayana 19, 1933
Friday, Dec 09, 2011

The 4th India-China Annual Defence Dialogue (ADD) was conducted on Nov 09, 2011 in the Ministry of Defence in New Delhi. The Indian side was led by the Defence Secretary, Mr. Shashi Kant Sharma. Gen. Ma Xiaotian, Deputy Chief of General Staff, PLA led the Chinese side.

The Annual Defence Dialogue (ADD) was established under the provisions of the MOU for 'Exchanges and Cooperation in the field of Defence', signed between both the countries in May 2006. The 1st Annual Defence Dialogue was held in Beijing in November 2007, followed by the 2nd ADD held in India in December 2008. The 3rd Annual Defence Dialogue was held in Beijing in January 2010.

The 4th ADD was conducted in an atmosphere of cordiality and both sides were frank and constructive in their approach during the deliberations. The Indian and Chinese sides shared regional and global security perceptions. Both sides agreed that enhancement of defence exchanges between the Armed Forces of India and China would contribute to better understanding and mutual trust and confidence building. Both sides also discussed the programme of defence exchanges during 2012 and agreed that the range and scope of exchanges at various levels would be gradually enhanced.

It was noted that existing confidence building measures on the LAC between both countries were successful in maintaining peace and tranquility on the borders. It was decided that such measures would continue to be implemented. Both sides agreed that the process of dialogue and communication should be strengthened at various levels to ensure stability in the border areas. Both sides agreed that the provisions of the 2005 Protocol for implementation of CBMs on the LAC should be strictly adhered to by both sides so that peace and tranquility is maintained in the border areas. It was also noted that the strengthening of the institutional mechanism for border discussions, which is expected to be operationalised soon through the establishment of a working level mechanism, would improve communications on important border related issues.

The Chinese delegation also called on the Defence Minister Shri AK Antony. Shri Antony expressed his satisfaction at the positive and constructive discussions during the ADD and stated that both sides should work towards increasing mutual trust and confidence, as this was for the benefit of both countries. He expressed the hope that high level exchanges between the defence establishments of both sides would further nurture the process of dialogue. He conveyed an invitation to the Chinese Defence Minister to visit India at a mutually convenient time.

The Chinese delegation also called on Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee and Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Nirmal Verma at South Block .


  1. Look at the Chinese officer he is neat, prim and proper. Now look at Antony he looks like a coconut picker from madras. At least dress proper for the occasion. What is the fascination with wearing lungi...

  2. I think that the basic contents of all the 4 previous and present dialogues had to be the same may be with the commas and full stops. Nothing else can be done, the situation is like that only. Hopefully by next year the situation may change ultimately for good in our favor.

    “He expressed the hope that high level exchanges between the defence establishments of both sides would further nurture the process of dialogue.”

    BTW, why this has been necessitated! Is there any ToT agreement on reverse engineering in the offing.

  3. Rahul Samanta(Kolkata)10 December 2011 at 05:06

    These MOROON apologetic Congressi leaders, especially Saint Antony and MOD is so scary of the Chinese that their press release contains a date of 4th Annual Defence Dialogue 30 days earlier than the original occurrence of the event(i.e. 09th Nov 2011 instead of 09th Dec 2011)!! God save India.

  4. What is instructive is another photograph on the net between Pradeep Kumar and Ma Xiotian. Pradeep body language is defensive with hands clasped in front while the PLA gen is relaxed with hands on the side. No wonder the Chinese have absolute contempt for us.

    Anthony should have the courtesy of dressing up decently while representing his country.

  5. @Pandu
    AK Anotny is a Member of Parliament representing the State of Kerala.Ever since his entry into politics, the traditional attire of a Malayalee viz. "mundu" has been his signature attire.

    Yes, Antony may not be as attractive as you or me but only a bigoted racist with a peanut brain will chastise him for his looks.

  6. @ Pandu, and Anonymous 08:42

    Your comments: "look at Antony he looks like a coconut picker from madras...What is the fascination with wearing lungi..." and "Anthony should have the courtesy of dressing up decently while representing his country."

    I'm always astonished at how this blog manages to attract scum like you, alongside a whole host of technically informed people who have the cultural confidence to know that a man dressed in a lungi is in no way inferior to a man in a Gucci suit.

    For these dirtbags, I suppose Mahatma Gandhi was also some kind of disgrace to India.

    Get your crappy asses off this blog, will you?

  7. @Ajai and malluanon@11 December 2011 15:24

    Antony is a cabinet minister of the country not a state MLA of Kerela. He can wear what he wants in his private life but when he is in his official duty I expect him to wear something more official and smart. He is representing the country so he'd better be good. I don't care what he looks like but I do care that the defence minister of India should at least look professional. There is no racism involved in my comment, if it was anyone else also I would still have the same comment. I stand by my comment that he looks like a peon in that picture.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I apologize for my comments. No offense intended or implied.

    Nowhere have I implied dressing decently = dressing in Gucci. As regards dirt bag etc. each one to his own standards of morality.

    Kind Regards
    Anon @8.42

  9. @ Ajai
    Sir wat Pandu said is not only his problem, infact its a deep rot that's eating our country from inside...we have started to see everything from "Global eyes" and everything tat glitz is gold for us...we no doubt are forgetting khadi and embracing Gucci and Prada....and tats a reason why our kids still in their teens who r not even 18 year old are committing suicides bcz they feel they will never be able to get those gucci and prada ///this comparison attitude is forcing even brilliant minds at IIT's to go into banking instead of going into research or something similar...and it is this glitz which is behind our imports from far smaller countries like Israel and it is this glitz tat we have to beg for fighter. sir, we r paying but money is not everything..and they r not giving us their best tech...all they r doing is selling their leftover and making us tech slave with our own money and we feel proud abt being worlds largest importer of weapons or feel proud tat we are staging world's largest defence deal..this is fake India shining..if we don't matter how much money we make and how much GDP we increase ..we are doomed..

  10. Anthony must be the only next minister in the government after the PM who is known for his honesty. Anyway...what he likes to wear and what he does not, that is his life,just like anyone who wants to wear Gucci.

    Back to the topic,Any representative from the commie party of China?..Was it always PLA which took center stage in these discussions?

    -sudheendra S

  11. @Pandu,

    St. Anthony is not wearing a Lungi. What he wears is a Vaetti/Mundu and it is formal wear in TN and Kerala. If ignorant scumbags like you keep insisting it is a Lungi, I may have to dress you in a Borat style Mankini for your Baraat.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. why the hell cant our defence minister go with decent clothes while meeting his counter part from a probable hostile nation???


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