India's fifth C-130J delivered. Might this aircraft be used someday for taking out Pakistan's nukes? - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Thursday 8 September 2011

India's fifth C-130J delivered. Might this aircraft be used someday for taking out Pakistan's nukes?

Lockheed Martin's press release is pasted below for those interested...

India - Just One More to go

MARIETTA, Ga. , Sept. 08, 2011 – The fifth of six C-130J Super Hercules on order for the Indian Air Force has departed the Lockheed Martin facility in Marietta. This aircraft, like its predecessors, was delivered well ahead of schedule and is now en route to Air Force Station Hindan in India. India’s sixth C-130J will be delivered in October.


  1. Wishful thinking Col. You do not need planes for taking Pak nukes but guts which our forces have but political masters calculate all initiatives through prism of votes and corresponding money bags. As long as this country is pathetic lame duck democracy this won't happen.

  2. sure yes... as we don't have stratigic bombers... as we had to makeshift... bomber in indo pak wars... an-12... we will have to rely on c-130J... as makeshift... strategic bomber... or bring back the snail paced... canberra...

  3. would be used to deliver food pockets from the air. Nothing else.

  4. To all ...the people ....who without thinking..critisize the policy makers ....Answer this....

    What happens when we ..even manage take out some pak nukes in one go...Pak retaliates n fires 10 IRBMs with nukes at us ..targetting diffetent cities ...what will u do ...???

  5. Perhaps the C-130J aircraft's delivered may be used someday for taking out all the Pakistan's nukes and transporting them in to safe and distant places like Nicobar.

  6. 6 planes in one years.Great.
    We should go in for 12 to 18 more to augment our transport and special mission capabilities.
    We can even think of replacing An 32 with C - 130.

  7. Mr.Shukla could you recommend a book which chronicles Indian military thought and explains the organisation of our armed forces to a lay man ?


  8. might PAF's C130's one day be used to take out india's nukes (so called)?

    pathetic ajai, this is very low grade reporting.

  9. Chandan...your it a question or an affirmative assertion? Certainly, we will be responded in kind by any venture we take...that's where element of scenario planning takes place. How Long...How Long you think India can survive being pinned down to east of Indus and South of Himalayas. It's surprising that Kargil and latter 26/11 and border patrol episodes in Himalayas don't give you any indication of our future? Probably, you are of same type, inhabiting our mantralyas with no fear to cheat but full of fear for enemy and later your types will be conspiring with enemy when enemy enters our home.

  10. Anon 14;52 Col is correct in his thoughts...this is his blog and not BS newspaper where he has stick to Journalistic norms. He is doing great service to nation by igniting imagination of his fellow countrymen, though this should be forte of our so called National leaders. India is going through same phase as pre-war Germany but alas we do not have strong leadership like Hitler. As far as your statement is concerned, this will be increasing difficult to execute with each passing hour...Billions of dollars of asset build up should give you some indication

  11. @ Chandan there is nothing like partial win or partial loss in such operation, so If India decides to go with such operation, Information will be precise and accurate and operation will be targeted to take out all the target sites.

    do you think people who will be responsible to take out such operation are stupid? dont they know how eager the neighbors are to use those toys, and if anything is left, would be used after such operation! Any such operation (wishfully if happens ) would be a complete operation, not a show of force!

  12. Our pilots have the capabilities to take out kahuta with a mig 21.
    unfortunately neither our jellyfish PM nor out emperor in waiting have any guts, balls or spine.


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