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Sunday 25 September 2011

DRDO announces successful test of Shourya missile in canister mode

Earlier Broadsword reporting on the Shourya/Shaurya:

DRDO chief, Dr VK Saraswat, to Broadsword: “We have designed the Shaurya so that it can be launched from under water as easily as from land. The gas-filled canister that houses the missile fits easily into a submarine."

Former DRDO chief controller, Dr Prahlada, to Broadsword: “The Shaurya was developed from ground up as a submarine-capable missile. Every piece of technology for fitting it in a submarine is already in place."

Dr Saraswat to Broadsword: “I would say the Shaurya a hybrid propulsion missile. Like a ballistic missile, it is powered by solid fuel. And, like a cruise missile, it can guide itself right up to the target.”

On Saturday, the DRDO announced a second successful flight test for its Shourya missile. With a range of 700-750 km, the Shourya is designed as an subsurface-to-land missile, for Indian submarines. Read a more detailed analysis in Broadsword: "Shaurya surfaces as India's underwater nuclear missile", published on 17th Feb 2010. The article is in the Broadsword archives, accessible by all visitors.

The latest DRDO press release is pasted below:

Shourya Missile Successfully Flight Tested

New Delhi: Asvina 02, 1933

Saturday, Sep 24, 2011

The 700- km range Shourya Missile was successfully flight tested from Launch Complex III of Interim Test Range (ITR), Balasore today. Developed by the DRDO, the Missile was launched from a canister in a ground launch mode at 1430 Hrs. The launch of the missile was perfect and it followed the pre-defined path exactly to reach the target in Bay of Bengal. All Radar, Telemetry and Electro-Optical Stations along the East Coast tracked and monitored all the mission parameters. Ships located near the target also tracked and witnessed the final event. Accuracy level of the missile was high and it was within a few metres. Shourya is equipped with multiple advanced computing systems, very high accuracy navigation and guidance systems.

DRDO Chief Controller Shri Avinash Chander congratulated all the scientists and employees of DRDO and other establishments. Director DRDL Shri P Venugoplalan, Director ITR Shri SP Dash, Director SPIC Shri Satish Kumar and Programme Director AK Chakravarti monitored all the preparatory operations. Shri A Joseph Project Director and team prepared the missile and conducted the launch flawlessly.


  1. Congrats...

    Hope it comes up as tactical deterrent against both china and pak.

  2. Thank Indian Gods and Godesses for the small mercies that India now has a tactical missile based on solid propellant...

    Just reflect on how many years it has taken ofr it to fructify and how DRDO bulldozed its way on MoD and Armed Forces for so many years with their leaking Prithavis....

    Shourya and Prahara should be now deployed with all three forces as tactical nuclear warhead carriers.

    With Mach eight speed and atmospheric altitude, it should be converted into a cruise missile for conventional warhead launhes, if possible.

    India also needs to develop a subsonic cruise missile of Brahmos range... for surprise and deception.

  3. where is Agni V... Agni III... You can't hide... behind fakery of signing agreements... war or threat of war... is no fakery... have any of your dear ones... go killed in battle???... i know the answer Mr Sarawart... its an emphatic... NO...

  4. while you indians argue on the age of an officer, china is doing this:
    a working flying prototype instead of the paperweight amca model.
    not to burst your bubble, but that's how it is.

  5. @anonymous troll in other forums this is about Shaurya missile test, not about Chinese UCAV.

  6. while THE HINDU daily says it's hypersonic[mach 7.5],other reports say nothing on Shourya's speed.what's the truth?


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