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Saturday 13 August 2011

Technology Focus: US declassifies interesting stealth technology

A newly released photograph of Juliet Marine Systems' GHOST super-cavitating craft

The company release is appended below:

09:28 GMT, August 11, 2011 PORTSMOUTH, N.H. | Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. (JMS) announced Aug. 10 that the US Navy/USPTO have removed Secrecy Orders previously applied to GHOST. For the first time, Juliet Marine is able to release photographs of GHOST, the first super-cavitating craft, to the public. GHOST was designed and built by US Citizens for the US Navy at no cost to the government to protect US sailors, servicemen and servicewomen.

Development of the first ever super-cavitating craft, in many ways, is as difficult as breaking the sound barrier. GHOST is a combination aircraft/boat that has been designed to fly through an artificial underwater gaseous environment that creates 900 times less hull friction than water. GHOST technology adapts to manned or unmanned, surface or submerged applications.

Any Navy possessing GHOST technology could operate in international waters undetected and would have an overwhelming advantage against conventional ships. GHOST is specifically designed for Fleet Force Protection at its present size. GHOST technology is scalable and JMS is currently discussing a plan to build a larger Corvette-sized vessel (150 feet) by partnering with a large international defense company. The US Navy could reduce its Naval footprint and financial exposure by deploying a squadron of GHOSTs from Bahrain, which would free up larger assets, such as destroyers and cruisers, saving costs in manpower and maintenance. GHOST is ideal for piracy patrols and could be sea-based to provide protection from pirate attacks that cost our government an estimated $1.5 billion each year. The world-wide shipping industry could be provided with substantial fuel savings using JMS hull friction reduction super-cavitation.

A squadron of GHOSTs would not be detectable to seeking enemy ship radar and sensors. GHOST can carry thousands of pounds of weapons, including Mark 48 torpedoes, and would be virtually unstoppable. The GHOST platform and technology could reduce the need for LCS completely with the capability to travel long distances and conduct the same missions. GHOST could make LCS a defensible platform for combat - LCS is not currently rated for combat. Today, Iran has the capabilities to stop the US Navy from operating in the Straits of Hormuz, a critical passage for most of the oil our country uses.

The Navy compares GHOST to an attack helicopter with regard to its capabilities for force protection. GHOST can deliver forces to any beach location quickly and quietly with enough weapons to conduct a hot extraction. GHOST is designed to provide military game changing advantages for the USA.

Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. : Company or Organisation Portrait:

Juliet Marine Systems is located in the historic maritime community of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This coastal community has prospered and grown as our nation's need for naval technology has increased over time. Across the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard overhauls, repairs and modernizes Los Angeles class submarines. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard provides the US Navy's nuclear powered submarine fleet with full service support for all multifaceted fleet requirements, from Revolutionary War times to today.

Since its early settlement, Portsmouth had been known for shipbuilding. Portsmouth was the site chosen for the construction and outfitting of three of the first twelve ships commissioned for the new Continental Navy. John Paul Jones, who came to the city to oversee the outfitting of two of these ships, is considered to be the father of the US Navy. The home he stayed in while working in Portsmouth still stands as a reminder to all of how important the actions and contributions of one visionary American were in creating the strongest and most capable Navy in the world today.


  1. That is real military game changing advantage.

    Does it runs floating on a film of air bubbles created by air compressor.

  2. Sounds good and a game changer, but what exactly it is? looks like some Gi-joe gizmo.

  3. Your blog is the first place that I came to know of this.

  4. it's not a game changer, just propaganda

  5. Interesting information indeed. Definitely a Game Changer for Naval Strategies. Any additional information available ? Pictures / drawings ....


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