India-Russia sign Preliminary Design Contract to co-develop 5th generation fighter. It's official name: Perspective Multi-Role Fighter (PMF) - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Tuesday 21 December 2010

India-Russia sign Preliminary Design Contract to co-develop 5th generation fighter. It's official name: Perspective Multi-Role Fighter (PMF)

A Isaykin (Rosoboronexport chief) and M Pogosyan (boss of RAC MiG and Sukhoi) exchange contracts with HAL chief, Ashok Nayak, and NC Agarwal, Director (D&D), HAL

The MoD press release on this occasion is placed below for your information.


New Delhi: Agrahayana 30, 1932
December 21, 2010

A Contract for Preliminary Design of the Indo-Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft was signed between Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Rosoboronexport and Sukhoi here today. The Project involves design and development of a Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft that will have advanced features such as stealth, supercruise, ultra-maneuvrability, highly integrated avionics suite, enhanced situational awareness, internal carriage of weapons and Network Centric Warfare capabilities.

The aircraft to be jointly developed is termed Perspective Multi-role Fighter (PMF). PMF draws upon the basic structural and system design of the Russian FGFA Technology Demonstrator with modifications to meet IAF specifications which are much more stringent. The broad scope of bilateral cooperation during the joint project covers the design & development of the PMF, its productionization and joint marketing to the third countries. Programme options include the design & development of a twin seater variant and the integration of an advanced engine with higher thrust at a later stage.

Today's contract is only the first in a series of such contracts which will cover different stages of this complex programme. The total cost including options and the value of production aircraft will make this the biggest Defence programme ever in the history of India involving production of over 200-250 aircraft.

The Contract was signed by Mr. A Isaykin, General Director, Rosoboronexport and Mr. M Pogosyan, General Director RAC MiG & Sukhoi from the Russian side and Mr. Ashok Nayak, Chairman, HAL and Mr. NC Agarwal, Director (D&D), HAL from the Indian side at Delhi.


  1. Now India has entered in to the race of the Fifth Generation Fighters.

  2. 'Perspective' is the wrong translation for the Russian word which means 'future'. The official name should be FMF.

  3. The design in already over and all the ground work completed. What exactly is the co-development we are talking about here? Assembling SKDs kits at HAL?

  4. Ajai sir

    some skeptics have aid that India will fund 50% of development cost of the FGFA but in actual sense will just participate in the customization of the 2 seater version but will pay full market price for buying the entire 1/2 seater plane (whateever the number)

    whats your take on this

    Joydeep Ghosh

  5. Why don't we invest in these Russian Engineering bureaus and acquire their extremely talented and experienced human resource to work dedicatedly for us ? Considering the abysmal quality of our technical education which produces engineers with theoretical rote knowledge only and does not provide avenues for practical experience or exposure during the course of an engineering degree (I know because I am a Mechanical Engineer who cannot even repair my own bike as we were taught to mug up books and get marks only rather than do anything practical), why can't we employ these engineers to teach and train our engineering students as a capacity building exercise ? Any comments on this Col. Shukla Sir ?


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