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Wednesday 22 December 2010

A two-missile Prithvi salvo successfully test-fired by the Indian Army

The first of today's two Prithvi launches, which were carried out by the army as a tactical exercise in an operational setting.

The DRDO press release is reproduced below:

Two Prithvi Missiles have been successfully flight tested within one hour time from ITR, Chandipur in Orissa. The two launches took place at 08.15 hrs and 9.15 hrs respectively on 22nd December 2010. The liquid propelled twin Engine Prithvi Missile has already been inducted into service by Armed Forces. The two Missiles were taken from the production lot and were test fired by the Strategic Force Command ( SFC ) as part of the regular exercise.

The Prithvi Missiles equipped with state of art guidance system have reached the specified targets with very high degree of accuracy. All the Radars, Electro-optical tracking systems and telemetry stations along the coast have monitored all the trajectory parameters of the vehicle throughout the mission. Ship located near the target location has witnessed the final event. This is the second time two Prithvi Missiles were flight tested successfully within a gap of one hour.

All the launch operations of the two missiles were carried out by the Armed Forces and guided by the Scientists of DRDO. Director, DRDL Shri P. Venugopalan, Director ITR Shri S.P. Dash. Programme Director Shri VLN Rao, Project Directors Shri DS Reddy, Shri Adalat Ali were present and overseen all the operations. Dr V.K. Saraswat, Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri congratulated all the Scientists and Armed Forces for the successful flight tests. Defence Minister A.K. Antony has also congratulated all the Scientists and Armed Forces for the grand success.


  1. Ajsi


    we always hear news of user trails of Prithvi-2 but its long time we havent heard anything on Prithvi-1 or for that matter Shuarya missile. Please update on them


  2. sir,something abt AMCA we r not getting something reliable abt it ..wat is goin on. FGFA deal is signed .light on that at livefist .but wat HAL is really getting in that deal.how HAL is goin to implement those techs in AMCA.and is there any relation with MIG LMFS.its obvious HAL can't develop 5-gen tech on this own or we have to wait for 2040 for that.PLZ do post something relistic apart frm f-35..

  3. Ajai sir

    I have a querry

    Yesterday I saw a something like a canister launch system for Prithvi missile system which has a tube which was around 7-8 meters in length and a width of 1 meter.Only thing it was not mounted on a Tatra vehicle but a Tata vehicle.

    If this is canister launch system, can we really say India has configured the Prithvi for canister launch. Please reply

    I just want to know that whether India has developed

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