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Saturday 20 March 2010

Broadsword set to cross a million hits today

This post is just to inform the Broadsword community that, sometime today, the blog will cross a million hits since the time I installed the hit counter that you can see at the bottom of the opening page.

I don't know who the millionth visitor will be, but this is just to say that all of you are equally welcome and important. My thanks to each visitor to Broadsword for making this one of India's widely read and credible defence blogs.

As before, Broadsword will not accept advertising or sponsorship, retaining its independence in finance as well as content.



  1. Wow congrats, No wonder you blog is an eye opener for a common man.

  2. Good job Mr. Shukla. I hope to debate you soon on BR regarding certain topics. I find it very gratifying that people from around the world, including you, have such a great interest in defence matters regarding India and its immediate interests.

  3. Ajaiji, You have done a fabulous job. Keep up the good work.

  4. Fabulous, Brig sahab. Please come to BR too.

  5. I am going to be the millionth!

  6. Wonderful.
    Look forward to more crackling stuff.

  7. Great job, Ajai.

  8. You deserve it. Keep up the good work.

  9. Congratulation Ajai sir,

    this only because of your hard work behind this blog .... Honestly, this is the only place that every Indian rely on for unbiased information about defense related issues...... my heartiest wishes with you keep doing good....

  10. Brig Sahab???

    Thanks for the promotion, Nikhil, but I'm a mere Colonel...

  11. Great Work...been a pleasure following your blog almost daily..expect more from you especially on indigenous products...and plenty of pictures and analysis! Keep it up...aim for million more

  12. Ajai, your writings have always been a class apart! Keep it up!

  13. Simranjit Singh21 March 2010 at 01:41

    Congratulations Sir....
    It is only because of your sheer hard work that you have been able to achieve this....
    This is one of the very few places on net where one can find authentic, real, unbiased information about our country's defence needs.
    It's not just the information we come across on this blog that makes us your ardent fans but your reporting style too. The way you explain things like in one of your Astra articles you explained it's working when engaged with the fighter aircraft or your explanation of NLCA and many more.

    Everything here is just AWESOME.

    Please keep up the good work...God Bless You...

  14. Are you giving away prizes for the millionth visitor? Let the best reader win!

  15. Colonel Sir, My hearty congratulations, sir... looking forward to more great articles from you sir... And do drop by BR once in a while..

  16. Congrats.
    The financial year 2009 – 2010 is coming to an end in another ten days. Kindly inform the nation about the achievements of the year.
    Some of the important information and statics that everyone wants to know are the following –
    1.How many ALH, DHRUVs (WSI & Others) were manufactured during the year. What were the improvements / new technologies implemented in the helicopter during the year. What is the increase in the indigenous content of the helicopter. How many helicopters were exported during the year.

    2. What is the progress in setting up of the manufacturing facility for the LCA, TEJAS. What were the technologies developed for the aircraft during the year. What are the activities pending for regular deployment of the first lot of the LCAs with IAF. What are the concerns the project.

    3.How many Dornier aircrafts, MIG series of aircrafts, Mirage aircrafts, Chetak & Cheetah helicopters and other relevant products were manufactured during the year. What are the improvements in technology and increase in indigenous content of the aircrafts achieved during the FY.

    4.What progress were made during the year with respect to the following new products/projects –
    (i) IJT (ii) SARAS- NAL (iii)LAH (iv)Kaveri aero-engine (v)Kaveri Marine engine (vi)LCA-MarkII (vii)MBT (viii)Medium lift Helicopter (ix)UAVs of various Types.

    5.What are the achievements in the export front defense products during the FY.

    6.What are the technologies / products developed during the year. What are the new indigenous products handed over to defense services for regular deployment. What is the progress in deployment of various new indigenous missiles.

    Please inform us all the above through a new reporting format which is more relevant than routine reports and alerts the nation about the concerns as well.


  17. Congrats... I was bit disappointed that I am not the 1 millionth one.. Hatsoff

  18. congrats and keep up the good work.

  19. Congratulations Shukla ji! Great achievement indeed. Hope you will keep reporting with the same vigor and passion in the future as well. Your decision to not accept ads and maintain financial independence is commendable.

  20. Congratzz I Think I'm 1001333rd Hitter Is it cool right :)

  21. Congrats Shukla ji on the achievement of your blog.
    By the way you missed on the important point while quoting the statistics, are the million views from different IP's(different computers) or just page views???


  22. Congratulations Mr Shukla. Keep up with your excellent defence reporting.

  23. Congrats Ajaiji. Look forward to reading broadsword for years to come. Keep writing the brilliant pieces.

  24. I like your blog and I think you are doing a fantastic job. However, I think your 'website hit-counter' is not implemented properly. Everytime I look at a blog, the counter goes up by 1. If I come back to main page after reading the blog then also counter goes up by 1. It is misleading as it would have increased the counter by 10 even If I read 5 blogs and came back to main page everytime in one session. Having said that, I want to reiterate that I like your blogs as they are very informative.

  25. i dont see a counter?

  26. Well, the last 2 lines of your "millionaire" status really impressed me. No advertising to maintain neutrality.

    I follow your blogs and comment on them regularly. Needless to say i am an air-conditioner (passed the "fan" mark long ago) of your blog. The perspective you bring by virtue of your experience, maturity and thought-leadership is exceptional, however there have been time where i do not agree to some of your view-points.

    Keep up the neutrality and look forward to your blogs for a long time.

  27. Ij there a icpecial prise phor de millionth bijitor, sir ? ;)

  28. Nice job Ajai! You deserve the accolades for work well done. Thanks for the honesty and integrity in reporting.

  29. Congratulations Ajai !!!!

    It feels great that people like you are keeping the spirits high and burning your midnight oil for enlightening the masses regarding the defence and defence scenario in India and Abroad. Our young generation needs to read these kinds of blogs to keep the flame of patriotism and nationalism intact in their minds. Kudos to u all once again........

    JAI HIND !!!!

  30. Best of luck Ajai. I seriously like your hard hitting and analytical posts on issues of grave concern to us.

    Keep your posts coming. Yours is one of the most credible blogs I have come across.

  31. Great Show! Very lucid and informative blogs on rather technical subjects. More power to your Broadsword, er. pen!
    Waiting for the next million.


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