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Sunday 21 March 2010

Brahmos missile vertically launched from naval ship... hits target successfully

(Photo: courtesy DRDO, India)
A Brahmos anti-ship missile being launched vertically from the INS Ranvir against a decommissioned target ship, INS Meen.

A press release from India's Defence R&D Organisation (DRDO) is posted below:


Today at 11.30 hrs BRAHMOS took off vertically from INS Ranvir, hitting the target within minutes.

India on Sunday successfully test fired BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile from a vertical launcher fitted in a moving warship INS Ranvir from off Orissa coast. The missile performed supersonic maneuvering following the exact flight path and homed on to the decommissioned target ship INS Meen. "The launch met all mission requirements and was 100 per cent successful,'' Dr. A S Pillai, CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace, has confirmed.

This would mean that the missile, which has a range of 290-km and flies at a speed of 2.8 Mach, can take on a target lying anywhere in the 360-degree range of the ship. Senior Naval officials who witnessed Sunday's launch termed it a “landmark event.” Honourable President Smt. Pratibha Patil and Defence Minister Shri A K Antony congratulated the missile scientists and naval officers for the successful launch of the supersonic cruise missile.

DRDO along with Russia’s NPO Mashinostroyenia is jointly designing and developing the BRAHMOS missiles which are capable of carrying conventional warheads up to 200 -300 kg and a range of 290-km, to be with the international regulations.

The state of the art Universal Vertical Launcher from which the missile was test fired has been designed and developed by BrahMos Aerospace and patented. The launcher is designed to be fitted under the warship’s deck, thereby protecting it from atmospheric conditions and imparting stealth to the weapon system. It also allows the missile to be turned to cover 360 degree.

Three 15 A Alpha-class ships being built at Mazagon Docks in Mumbai and three more Talwar class ships (known as 1135.6 class in Russia) built at Kaliningrad in Russia will be fitted with similar Vertical Launcher modules, the sources said.

With the latest launch, BRAHMOS has once again proved its mettle to be launched from both Vertical and Inclined configurations from Naval platforms. The Army has plans to induct three regiments of BRAHMOS in near future to use the missile as a “precision first strike weapon.”


  1. kolkata class?????

  2. Congrats to DRDO and IN. However, hitting a ship sized target should be an easy task for Brahmos since it can now hit much smaller buildings in cluttered environment. DRDO should now concentrate on building an indigenous engine for Brahmos, we can't keep on paying the Russkis through our nose for the engines.

  3. Please post a video if possible. Please ask the DRDO wallahs to release one in public domain if it is possible. They already have released videos of the Brahmos hitting stationary land based targets (From the Pokharan trials I assume).

    Nice BTW.

    Congratulations sir-ji on the great Landmark for Broadsword. I am an avid fan, though the frequency of new reports needs to go up.

  4. that Brahmos is a potent weapon is known.

    whats more important is now to make it pick out a small target from a bunch. I know that its been already done fpor the land fired version, but the same needs to be done with sea versions.

    By the way any news on the sub launched version.

    When are we going to see a longer version of Brahmos, akin to Tomahawks.

  5. We need a sub launched Brahmos/Nirbhay now. Marry some K-15 stuff with it.

  6. Thank the russians boys. Their toys work and they are cheap. All the critical components are from them...DRDO's role is small.

    --> great blog btw

  7. As a logical next step we should allow the private sector to develop a 3000 km range brahmos indegeniously.

  8. What about violating MTR, and increase the range og Brahmos, or imparting this tech to mass produce higher range Nirbhoy

  9. @ AK
    its not DRDO invent , its Brahmos corporation ( chairperson : Sivathanu Pillai , India + Russian JV concern ) its a seperate one not combined with drdo . do any one think drdo will make this much world class successful in its project .

    The real value is govt need to place massive orders in fastrack .

  10. Ajai sir heard the much delayed sea launched version will be testd by year end. just 1 question

    the air launched version will be available on just the Su 30s or the long rang bombers of IN.

  11. It is the tremendous achievement in the indian defence power....we salute those drdo scientists for great success

  12. Big names can mislead. we have tendular with us since 1990 w/o any big win in world-cup. unless we develop all around equipment portfolio and skills, its of no use. Buearucrats can tout Brahmos as cure all but frankly, a good enemy will deploy strategies, where it will be completely ineffective. We saw in WW-II when entire Jap navy and big names were left redundant due to changed war startegy by Allied forces. those big battles which Jap navy was preparing to fight for never happened.

    Another issue is time lag in adapting to war needs. we develop technologies when they become obsolete as part of war strategy. SO in an active and long drawn out war against a strong adversary, we are bound to lose - Brahmos or no Brahmos.

  13. Now we need huge numbers of it. If you are late you better have a lot more of them.


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