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Wednesday 2 July 2008

The LCA with drop tanks fitted: pics courtesy Ajai Shukla please


  1. nice pics...thanks..

  2. Awesome looking craft. I would like India to produce hundreds of them, possibly export too.

    Shuklaji, any idea about DRDO's hypersonic test vehicle (HSTDV)? It was supposed to be tested in 2008.

    Mr Sivathanu Pillai was talking of a re-usable hypersonic missile(not BrahMos II) which delivers its payload and returns to base. Any clue what stage this is in?

  3. nice pics...........any latest news about kaveri (k 10)

  4. Yup, I know exactly what stage the re-usable hypersonic missile is in. It's in Mr Sivathanu Pillai's thoughts.

    More seriously, the Services Interaction Group has cleared the development of hypersonic technology as one of the DRDO's long-term technology development projects.

    So the technology is being worked upon. Applications of that, like the missile Mr Pillai spoke about, are a long way off.

  5. Thanks Ajai for the pics. I would also like to thank you for keeping your word regarding starting to show pics right after the oil summit.

  6. ajayji

    when will you post the diagram and article about ada's plans of increasing tejas's payload ? and is Pv-2 as seen in the picture stripped to make changes to carry weapons testing later this year ?

  7. A very big thank you but yeh dil maange more !

  8. 'pics courtesy Ajai Shukla please' -

    reminded me of

    'Horn! Ok Please' painted on the backsides of Indian trucks.

    Cheers! :) and thanks for the wonderful pics.

  9. Dear Mr Shukla

    The pics are awesome..we really need more of them..i just would like to know more about its engine being of lower thrust and LCA being christened "limited combat aircraft"..will this thrust issue seriously dent its capability..i mean anytime it can be a better replacement for 40 yrs old mig 21s, but for other airforces are phasing out the old migs with i think better planes..can you please share your experience on this issue..thanks very much

  10. Terms like limited combat aircraft are pure psy-ops by lifafa journalists greased by arms dealers trying to tie down India into an import dependence in perpetuity. The fact is IAF is pushing the LCA to its limits of its growth potential similar to Gripen-NG, which is a good thing and they have also shown maturity in accepting first 40 airframes in current config. with GE-404 IN20 engine as block1. Every modern airforce does that, see what happened to eurofighter Typhoon. We have to continue building on our current capabilities which take time, money and patience and graduate to the MCA.

  11. Will be publishing an article soon on the LCA engine controversy. May I request all of you to bear with me patiently until it appears.

    Target date: Monday, 7th July.


  12. quoting from the link above:
    "Bharadwaj also announced that the Army, along with CII, would organise a two-day international technology seminar on Future Main Battle Tank (FMBT) and Future Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) here on July 22 and 23 to discuss global challenges in designing, developing and producing FMBT and FICV.

    To be inaugurated by Defence Minister A K Antony and Rao Inderjit Singh, Bhardwaj said the seminar would debate the kind of MBT Army needed, considering that might of the military was judged by both deterrent and offensive capabilities of Mechanised Forces and on the quality and quantity of equipment.

    "Time has come to reassess our requirements. We are at the threshold of formulating qualitative requirements of FMBT and FICV. This is the future, as it takes about a decade for completing the process of designing and being ready with a prototype of FMBT and FICV. It could take another 5 to 10 years to finally induct futuristic MBTs and ICVs into the forces," he said. "

    Our world famous Indian Army has become a chai-biskoot army.
    Shameful & Pathetic are only two civilized word I can think of.

  13. This clearly means that some idiotic futuristic norms will be set out which will be unachievable for next 20 years so that imports can merrily continue

  14. A demoralized CVRDE will now leave the Arjun/Tank Ex/Abhay at that. Capabilities built at so much excruciating pain will be gradually lost and only by 2015 the ever changing GSQRs will be frozen. Then CVRDE or whatever remains of it will start reinventing the wheel all over again like Tejas is doing today and will naturally be 30 years late in delivering FMBT/FICV by 2050 or whatever the F*** its called. But DGMF will then shout ITS OBSOLETE and use it to import T-2050 ! The whole Marut episode is repeating itself in the armoured arena. Then we blame everyone else for screwing us on the deals. We are really like Alice in Wonderland- A 1 Billion+ bunch of idiots !

  15. This is a bus no matter how hard CVRDE tries to catch will never get. I feel CVRDE should now either be disbanded or be allowed to assemble and export Tank Ex to Sri Lanka. Even Pakistan will be a good candidate and it will be a good confidence building measure trying to help them fight in their north west.
    Or maybe the private sector can take the place of CVRDE and maybe with its influence of green backs win over the DGMF which has already been bought over by the Russians. Words like indigenous and home grown capability don't cut much ice with Indian Army these days

  16. I will not be surprised to see Akash and Nag going down the same drain.

  17. We can cry, bitch and lament as much we can but the fact remains that the army has gone to the dogs.
    Fake encounters, coffingate, petrol scam, liquor scam, specialty winter clothing scam, a hogwash army exercise brazen chariots or whatever, arjun fiasco, feet dragging over tube artillery, light helicopter scam, punishment postings to whistle blowers...the list is rapidly growing by the day

  18. Hi mr ajay Shukla
    Well i notice that everybody dicussing Lca/Arjun but we forget other thing i want to say Abhay ICV and Vidvansak AMR Gun, Insas Carbines, Indian version LGB [Sudarshan]etc.


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