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Friday 18 July 2008

Latest pics from HAL of the trainer LCA... sorry for poor picture quality


  1. The fact that is being able to get trainer picture this close, is what the difference is.
    Rather than u being sorry, I feel glad to come back again and again to ur blog.
    Great pics.

    with satisfaction
    from Canada

  2. Thanks for everything. You have added so much clarity to the big picture. No need to be sorry, because i'm sure you'll listen to constructive criticisms and suggestions to make this blog even better.
    From tankman you have become a Tejas man. Great going. As the LCA goes through its paces for squadron induction someday you can publish a full photo essay of the long road that was traveled to get to that point. Till then keep them coming.

  3. Nice pictures!
    I notice that the auxillary air intake is clearly visible on the trainer. I think the PVs already have them too...

    The Naval LCA and Light Combat Helicopter next please.

    Ajai keep it up!

  4. Ajai Sir, Great pics. Thank You.

    The first pic appears blurred,but that is probably because of your camera setting. You can change the shutter speed of your camera for crispy pictures. :)

    Thank You, and once again, great Pictures, keep em coming. :)

  5. Ajai,
    the hangar seems bright enough. please ensure that you use a higher shutter speed when you shoot these pictures. The first picture has a 1/3s shutter speed. That's terribly slow for hand-held shots. Please please take multiple shots and possibly one in the "Auto" mode too so that you get atleast one usable picture from the many that you take..

    Your pictures are very much appreciated and a little care can make them even better..

  6. Ajai thanks for wonderful pics, Finally we got to see the scientist behind the miracle i.e LCA !!!

  7. Thank you
    Any idea when it will fly?

  8. any news on weapon system integrated dhruv? IJT?

  9. ajai jee good pics please take a photographer with u when ever u visit HAL [it is a request rather than a suggestion]
    sir as u mentioned the present trainer has auxillary air intake will this going to all upcoming lca upto no.40 is any work started to modify no 41 lca to include bigger engine and more air inflow

  10. You do not realize the joy and pride that some of us feel, at seeing indian technicians building a new fighter (trainer or otherwise).

    10+ posts, and no trolls yet :-)

    Thanks for your work....

  11. Ajay, any idea on when this baby will have its first flight ? Seems quite a lot of work to be done, although the engine seems to be installed. From the last picture posted in the public domain to this one it seems they ran into some integration related problems. Hardly surprising, considering the complex nature of the project. I hope the air-force encourages them to soldier on. Also any update on Naval Prototypes, have they started integrating them or its still in the CAD designs

  12. I am not a aeronautical geek, can someone tell me what that (frontal)gap between the engine intakes and the body of Tejas is?

    Does it have any purpose? cant the intakes be fused with the sides (more like a mirage) ??

  13. When did you take those pic man? The last time you displayed the trainer version pics, they were more or less at the same stage of assembly...
    when will it finally be complete yaar?

  14. The pictures show a square duct near the tail. That's no allowed in airplanes, read about the british Nimrod plane.

  15. I saw trainer pics from around the time Aero India 2007 in Feb2007. At that time the fuselage was being integrated so it seems since that time it has taken it quite a while to reach this stage and even now lot of work remains. The rear cockpit hasn't even started fitting out and even the front cockpit has quite a bit of fitting out to do. It seems they did go into some problems. Just hope they solve it quickly and bird takes to air asap.

  16. Ajai, you don't need a photographer.
    You can read for improving the photography skills.

    I know you will be busy with taking as much photos as possible when you visit places and you won't time to take photos relaxingly. Following would help to take better snaps.
    1. Set mode to Auto
    2. Enable "Image Stablization", if your camera supports that.
    3. Set ISO to "Auto" or 200.
    4. Don't set metering mode to Spot or Center Weighed or partial.
    5. When you focus dark objects, enable AF Assist (if your camera supports) for better focusing.

    You may not be allowed to use AF Assist (infra red) or Flash sometimes.

    Please don't assume that I am ridiculing your photographing skills. I am just giving some tips.

  17. need to be more stablewith you hand for the pictures just keep the apreture closure rate bit high ...

    Well what ever said was to get better pics when ur are soooo close to my most valued LCA. Let people speek what ever they want Su-27 became only Su-30 MKI after 20 to 25 years and we did not crash even a single place ...that should say a lot people behind it....

  18. what next ?????????????????????
    it been so long

  19. What you have to say about this

  20. murugan shanmuganathan1 May 2010 at 10:56

    could you please tell me when tejas will come into service

  21. murugan shanmuganathan1 May 2010 at 10:58




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