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Thursday 12 June 2008

Sarang helicopter display team wins award at the Berlin Air Show

(Photo: The Sarang team flying past after a performance in the Berlin Air Show in June 08)

The Indian Air Force's helicopter Display team ‘Sarang’ has been adjudged the ‘Best looking close formation’ aerobatic team at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2008.

Five aircraft formation teams from India, Switzerland, Austria, UK and Germany participated in the Berlin Air Show.

After the Berlin Air Show, the ‘Sarang’ (which means Peacock) team of 4 Dhruv helicopters, 14 officers and 32 airmen are currently in England. They are slated to perform at Biggin Hill Air Show followed by Waddington Air Show, Fairford Royal International and finally the prestigious Farnborough International Air Show in July 08 before returning to India.

The ‘Sarang’ team was formed in March 2002. Its first public display was as a three-helicopter team during the Asian Aerospace Exhibition at Singapore in 2004. Since then, the team has graduated to a four helicopter team and has participated in numerous displays in India and abroad. The team suffered a fatal accident in the run-up to the Aero India 2007 in Bangalore, when a helicopter crashed during rehearsals killing one pilot and critically injuring the other. However, the team has maintained a clean record since then.


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