Coming up: Detailed pictures of the new all-glass cockpit display panels of the IJT Sitara... and the Dhruv ALH - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Friday, 27 June 2008

Coming up: Detailed pictures of the new all-glass cockpit display panels of the IJT Sitara... and the Dhruv ALH



  1. WE WANT LCH.............

  2. we want LCH.. we want LCH..

  3. Ajai sir,

    if we can develop a IJT in 5 yers why cant we develop our own AJT intead of depending on Hawk,which has already crashed once and also,there is news of new price escalations

  4. HAL wanted to develop an AJT, but ist plans were scrapped as IAF was not interested in it.

  5. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I can imagine now every arms importing country is going to jack up prices for already contracted items. Expect the french to follow suit citing higher inflation, falling dollar and what not. This is what happens when you are penny wise (DRDO funding/6th pay commission) and pound foolish (stopgap imports). We got what we deserved !

  6. fucking hilarious. we cant pay drdo, hal, bel etc competitive salaries but we can spend 400X the amount (not kidding, calculate it!!) on interim imports for radars like the elta, kaveri etc which all languish, delay because the right talent isnt available to drdo/ hal for the peanuts they pay. what a waste of my tax money by the government. its sickening.

  7. The most sickening part of that is that, then you use that delay as an excuse to import further. Take the T90 as an example. And in the name of TOT all we get is some first generation screw driver technology. If we act and look like idiots why blame outsiders. This has always our tradition hasn't it. I sincerely hope like Kargil we get a jolt in the eastern sector only that will make babus sit up and do something. Till then we can cry hoarse as much as we can but nothings gonna change.

  8. because if you pay drdo/isro/barc higher salaries, docs, teachers, peons, clerks, postman etc. everyone will seek pay parity never mind the level of skills involved. that's how the government machinery works: donkeys and stallions get the same treatment.

  9. need of the hour is reform in the organisation of PSU. Everything has to be changed. Salary structure, reporting structure, more autonomy, lesser govt control. These companies need to act as magned in attracting talent.

    But nothing will happen. the current govt is very busy cajoling other parties for the 123 approval.


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