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Saturday 28 June 2008

Front and rear cockpit display of the IJT Sitara

(Top: A close-up of the rear seat (i.e. instructor seat) Multi-Function Display, which can monitor the student pilot's HUD)

(Centre: The front seat cockpit display, which is used by the student pilot. This has not changed noticeably in the last two years)

(Bottom:  An overview of the cockpit, showing both seats. The boots at the bottom of the photo are not a part of original fitment. They are my shoes)


  1. Shukla ji, while you are at it, can you get a pic of LCA cockpit too.

    many thanks.

  2. The same old CRT monochrome display is being used for MFD,which is obsolete by all means in these days of AMLCD displays.
    Evnethough LCD diplays have been used ,because of mounting panel background, the visibility seems poor and looking like old electromechanical instruments.There is scope for improvement. The delay of engine procurement has hampered the programme.Any how ,the program should progress at a faster pace.

  3. By any chance do you have the picture of LCA in front of the IJT visible in the first picture

  4. Does India make all those stuff? Or buys here and there and assemble it which is not bad at all.

    More seriously, what an ugly pair of shoes you have!

  5. Ajai, in the June 27th teaser update, you mentioned "[u]all-glass[/u] cockpit display panels of the IJT Sitara"

    The pictures of the IJT cockpit doesn't show all glass as there are a number of analog guages. Is there another version of the IJT cockpit that is all glass?

  6. Note the drop tank fitted LCA in the background

  7. An IJT is an IJT by use. IJT is for a rookie not for an experienced combat pilot who needs all luxuries during combat. So it can't have all glass cockpit. Presence of dial-pointers are imperative for all round training of a rookie pilot learning basics of jet flying...

    Sir. When LCH will come?

  8. To the anon (28 June 2008 23:11)..this is not about Ajai's shoes you idiot. This is about the IJT.

  9. Ajai, would really appreciate it if you could post more good quality pics of the LCA with the green nose cone and drop tanks..

  10. Ye seriously.. still a lot of scope for improvement. and about analogue instruments.. ya they are a neccesarry if not for backup den atleast for instrumentation trg ..


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