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Saturday 8 March 2008

HAL Bangalore: Main Airframe Static Test on Tejas

Photos: Ajai Shukla
HAL, Bangalore
January 2008

A Limited Series Production (LSP) Tejas fighter undergoing a Main Airframe Static Test (MAST)

The MAST procedure involves monitoring every significant inch of the airframe through 4000 strain gauge channels. This is done while simulating actual flight conditions. There is an acoustic system that gives real time warning of failure, even early warning of likely failure.

After going through a MAST, the reactions of the airframe while flying has been pretty much predicted. 


  1. really nice pictures Ajai!! Please keep up the effort. Loved the way the banner said about the static test.
    A3, then PAD/AAD, Akash and now K-15. The message to P5 countries is loud and clear. Like it or not but make space We are getting there. I dream of the day when middlemen and arms dealers peddling foreign arms to Indian armed forces start looking for another job

  2. A nice facts only article about LCA: "The case to support the indigenous LCA programme
    Ashok Parthasarathi and Raman Puri" Follow the link:

  3. Mr. Shukla, the above article posted by anonymous above, is one of the epoch making articles about Tejas, to have ever appeared in the mainstream media. It may be heartening to note that finally the public can be apprised about true facts about Tejas. The article is very informative and sets the record straight.

    It is also surprising the Hindu, which usually has a critical bias about Tejas, has carried this article.

    However in my view, the most significant aspect of the article maybe that for the first time the espousal of Tejas' candidature for the MRCA, and the futility of the MRCA deal (as rightly put by you) is described. The article confirms that the Tejas nearly matches the Mirage-2000 in specifications, and that the MRCA proposal was nothing more than an upgraded Mirage-2000, which solidifies your view in your article, "Selling BMWs to farmers".

    Moreover, Mr. Parthasarathy and Vice-Admiral Puri were the advisors of weapon procurement to the 3 services, as recently as 2006. Thus, their article should be a reference mandate for facts regarding the history of Tejas and the "genesis" of the MRCA proposal.

    Thank you.

  4. excellent pics

  5. hey did u really take them btw? how do u get access to the facilities?

  6. Yup, my pics.

    I get lots of access; the authorities at HAL and DRDO are kind enough to let me visit. As also private sector companies. A four part article on the private sector in defence is coming up soon.

  7. can't wait for it.. will HAL let a commoner like me also in you think?

  8. has anyone got to say anything about MCA. is india going develop it or not.


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