How significant for India is the ceasefire with Pakistan on the Line of Control? - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Friday 26 February 2021

How significant for India is the ceasefire with Pakistan on the Line of Control?

 In conversation with BBC World on the significance of the India-Pakistan cease-fire that came into effect at midnight 24/25th February


  1. Not sure why is this being celebrated?? Pakistan will go back to business as usual and violate all the agreements the moment its out of FATF and IMF trap....

  2. Pakistan is acting at the behest of China, and the common goal of China and Pak is to reset relations with the Biden Administration, which must have made it clear to China that peace on the subcontinent is a prerequisite for such a reset. China has a lot more to gain from improving relations with the US than to hang on to barren and useless mountainous territory claimed by India. China and Pak must have noted the strength of the Indian American lobby in influencing the Biden Administration.

  3. Pakistan must take action against the JAISH BEFORE WE REPEAT AGRA AND THEN A U TURN AT KARGIL

  4. The Hindhu banias never learnt from History or the past . The Pakis visceral hatred towards indians and india will continue . The ceasefire gives them a breather and will let them transport divert units to crush Baluch resistance , subjugate the risings in Gilgit Balkistan and Pakhtunkhwa . The moment they are out of FTA blacklisting the Pak army and isi through its proxis will be back to bleed india indians with 1000 cuts .


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