First images of India's first Scorpene submarine, INS Kalvari - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Thursday 29 October 2015

First images of India's first Scorpene submarine, INS Kalvari


  1. It's a toothless tiger as it has no torpedoes. The deal for buying torpedoes is yet to be signed. Very sad situation.

  2. Looking good in muddy Water.

  3. NSR question -

    Would Scorpene accept any torpedo other than Black shark or is it pre-wired for Black Shark only?

    I heard that Russian cavitating torpedo and Atlas Seahake may be better...and many of them not ordering Black Shark torpedoes any more...

    Looks like same situation of ships without air defenses...

    1. "NSR question" Are you referring yourself as a 3rd person? That's silly.
      Would Scorpene be able to accept any other torpedo? Yes. Will that require rework? Yes.

  4. NSR says ---

    I have been observing that all kinds of self-appointed grammar teachers are trying to pick on Col. Shukla and others...
    We are here to read and comment on a casual basis...

    Rework means someone will pull millions through India's nose...

    Aircraft carrier without CIWS and AD, submarines without torpedoes...Probably that is Indian way...

  5. Look, Kiran and HPT-32 by H.A.L have served well from eighties for more than two decades till kirans lived their life and HPT-32 got into self inflicted tech problems of H.A.L.It is important to have in house basic trainer, in the long run and should be capable of stage1, stage2 trg. and other LICO, reccee usage. B.J.P govt under Parikar has taken a good decision.


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