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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Broadsword quiz... How does one visually differentiate between this Dhruv Mk III and the earlier models?

A Dhruv Mark III, painted in army camouflage colours, ready for delivery at HAL, Bangalore.

Brownie points for those who can fully list out the improvements in the Mk III over the earlier Dhruv


  1. the air intakes for the engines are different.

  2. The easiest way to indentify the Mark iii version is to look for the blue plastic crate located under the belly.


  3. 4 blades on propeller

  4. I'll go with the milk crate under the fuselage... on second thought, I'll go with the different FOD screen on the intake.

  5. first? (Oh and regarding the question, I'm curious but have no answer)

  6. This is not Dhruv. It is LOH.

  7. Mark 3 Dhruv has bifurcated air intake for its turboshaft engine. The separator is set horizontally in the air intake cowling.

  8. It might be what looks like chaff or flare dispensers just behind the numbers, and there's a weird green thing sitting on top of the rear stabilizer.

  9. the doors are different, as is the FOD mesh over the engine.

  10. smaller tail fins

  11. More powerful Shakti engine developed by Turbomeca.

  12. Wire cutters on the fuselage

  13. Flare dispensers right next to the serial number of the craft and I am suspecting MAWS too but cannot point to individual components on the body to say if they are!
    Tail Rotor assembly seems to have been maniaturized although I might be seeing toom much into it
    I am also guessing an new glass cockpit

  14. by its sliding doors...

  15. Just a humble suggestion to HAL on the Shakti equpped Dhruv IIIs meant for the Siachen Glacier.

    1. Most of the people operating / servicing this machine will be wearing thick gloves, I hope that handles and grips are made to accomodate thick gloves.

    2. Can HAL make the seats heated please?

    3. There seem to be too many outcropping handles, grips, etc. Are these jugaad by HAL or do all internationally recognized helicopter manufacturers specially the western ones also have such things on their helicopter designs?

  16. That apart, there is little doubt that the Dhruv III is the high altitude champion of the world.

    Great going by HAL.

  17. 1) New Shakti turboshaft engines developed by HAL & Turbmeca
    2) Chaff/flare dispensers
    3) Advanced laser warning systems
    4) Electronic Warfare Suite
    5) Electro-Optic pods
    6) Integrated Dynamic System (being audited by Avio)
    7) Active Vibration Control System (by Lord Corp, USA)


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