Snapshots of the action at the ongoing IAF-RAF Exercise Indradhanush: Kalaikunda Air Base, West Bengal, India - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Friday 22 October 2010

Snapshots of the action at the ongoing IAF-RAF Exercise Indradhanush: Kalaikunda Air Base, West Bengal, India


  1. Wonder how the SU30 performed against the Typhoon. Would love so see the kill rate of the Typhoons vs Su30

  2. Thank you to the many alert readers who pointed out that Kalaikunda is in West Bengal, not Assam, as I had originally posted.

    I've never been to Kalaikunda, alas, hence the mistake!

  3. Same pics in livefist blog! Livefist claims that these pics are his. I do not know who owes it but one of you is lying here and not giving credits to the actual owner of the pics. Perhaps both are lying!

  4. Dunno why but got this feeling euro may be chosen as the winner for the mmrca for ur suggestion of goin in for f-35 instead of mmrca ..cant agree wit it cause even if we accept it will be 2025 or 2030 by the time we get thm also the rerst o the world have orders already an Us wnt just hand over the aircrafts easily wit out removin some comonen or the other.....Aditya

  5. Kalaikunda...ah...the name brought back some sweet memories.

    I was there way back in 1996 as an NCC cadet for 10 days camp. At one instance, we were coming back from the shooting range on military truck, all of a sudden we saw this MiG-23, right infront of us.

    Actually it had just landed and was slowly taxing towards its parking bay. Ofcourse, the truck moved away from its path and we waved towards the Pilot, who intern waved back at us. Oh man.. it was some feeling seeing this fighter jet just 10 feet in-front of us and that roar from its engine. Nothing to do with this post....just felt like posting it though...

  6. Anonymous:

    Neither Livefist, nor Broadsword, lies... we're not anonymous posters after all.

    Neither of us have claimed that the pics are ours. In fact, Livefist carries a large white sign crediting the IAF with the photos. It may be a good idea for you to read a post before starting to level allegations relating to journalistic ethics.

    These are official Indian Air Force photos, released through the PR Department of the Ministry of Defence for public use. Anyone is free to use them.

  7. Ajai Ji,
    There is another exercise is going between India and Russia: Indra 2010. Sadly there are not any photos/news from that exercise. Is it because the Indian Media not interested in any Indo-Russian exercise or Media is not allowed for this exercise?

    From India's point of view, this India-Russia exercise plays a significant role because hardly one see any exercise between India and Russia in the past, even though we were "partners" and India owes a lot of Russian/USSR weapons. Secondly, both Russia's and India's enemies are same: Islamic terrorists and China. Chinese already make up more than 50% populations in some of the Eastern Russian towns and Russian police do not dare to venture out into these "China Towns."

    So I would really appreciate if you could post some snaps and an article on this exercise.

    Thank you!

  8. Initially I really liked your reporting but I have to say Its only gone downhill. I leave aside the other issues with your reporting for now and point out only your ever declining credibility, check this out ,
    hmm guess who's exclusive leak it was?


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