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Friday 6 August 2010

Weekend Quiz: What is this?

After the difficult last quiz, here's something comparatively easy! But, to win the Gold Star plus Brownie Point... you've got to provide some detail about what's in the photo


  1. ship cutting weapon

  2. looks like a mine

  3. Col. Shukla,

    Thats the Adrushy Mk-II anti-tank mine.

  4. its an anti personnel mine

  5. Ajai Sir,

    Can you please post articles on updates(If possible with photos) of HELINA,NIRBHAY and AGNI-SLBM?

  6. The Mine in the Photograph is Adrushy MK-II called popularly as "The Indian Infuence Mine"(The Invisible Tank Killer).

    The Speciality of this mine is that it doesn't explode if say an Indian Vehicle unit(Like a Jeep ,truck or even a tank )passes over it ,but if an enemy unit passes over it it can explode .

    The trick behind this mine is that the DRDO scientists have recorded seismic signatures of the vehicles which are unique as our fingerprints or DNA to be precise.
    If the mine detects an unknown signature it shall explode as it thinks that it is an enemy vehicle.

    --Mrugen Deshmukh
    (B.E. Computer Engineering,Pune)

  7. This is obviously a sensor fused anti armour device.

  8. Digestion machine built by DRDO, a secret project which helps Netas and Babus to digest tax payers money and without burps

  9. This is ADRUSHY MK-II, an anti MBT mine with shaped charge and magnetic influence fuze.


    * Armour Penetration 85 mm causing 'k' kill.

    * Full width attack capablity

    * Tank trawl discrimination

    * Reusable with three field settable SN periods of 10, 40, 80 days.

    * Immunity against CLMC blast.

    * Electronic cum mechnical safety.

    Lenght -- 330 mm
    Width -- 240 mm
    Height -- 140 mm
    Total weight -- 7.6 kg
    Explosive -- 2.3 kg
    Body -- 10% GRP Polycarbonate
    Linear -- Copper
    Battery cells -- LiSOCI2(lithium Thino Chloride)

  10. IED detector...

  11. Anti tank mine

  12. Is this a anti-personnel mine?

  13. a chemical testing device?? or a hand held GPS system.? there is an LCD readout at the top.........

  14. It is probably a anti personnel mine.

  15. Anyone can identify that, its a mine. Now which mine India developed most recently? Adrushy Mk-II mine.

    Where is the F-INSAS pics???? Post pls, me waiting. Its crucial for our soldiers.

  16. Adrushy MK-II Intelligent anti tank mine...

  17. On the look of it, it appears like weighing machine..

    Well , cut out esction showns TNT filling, so it is not what it looks. A round shaped pressure fuse plate and an LCD type of window exist. Hence, it can not be wieghing machine for DRDO's Baba Ram Dev type High Altitude Sex Rejuvination project. (they have many such projects)

    But if it is a mine, why so many metalic parts in it? the left side shows a sling with a metal hook. Then there are so many metal screws as claerly visible..

    It then is a give away with so many modern methods of mine detection available now.

    Rememebr, that SAAB helicopter mounted radar ! then, modern mines should preferably be remotely / canon deliverable, specially if one has no time to lay mines or lay situation mines.

    And look at the size, awesome. It can not be Adrishi (non visible) who is going to make such a large pit?

    Cann't they make something like a Canon delivered / air delivered "jehadi suicidal" type mine with caterpillar type tracks which reads signatures of a pakistani tank, rushes towards it, goes under the belly and explodes. It should have enough capacity to chase Al Khalids or other Pak vehicles upto Lahore / Karchi.

    That will be a good idea.

    Does it play music also? Kar Chale Ham Fida Jano tan Saathiyo..??

  18. It does have a shape charge, so it must be a mine charge for armoured vehicles.

  19. Is it a CD/DVD drive from a computer?

  20. this has a shaped charge warhead with some sort of trigger mechanism. Due to shaped charge its less probable to use it as anti - personal .. it could be a anti tank mine

  21. Antitank Hollow Charge with Influence Mine Mk-II
    Adrushy Mk-II intelligent antitank mine with shaped charge and magnetic influence fuse. The mine can withstand the blast of CLMC (V) at 2.5 m and is capable of the tank trawl discrimination, which is achieved by accommodating active sensors developed for this purpose. Active sensor is based on mutual induction principle. It consists of digital signature processor, microcontroller, and analog signal processor for processing of input signals. A software has also been developed for ensuring functioning of microcontroller at the appropriate event. What makes the mine superior to similar class of mines is its penetrating capability. It can inflict sure 'K' kill on tank passing over it. The optimised size and weight of explosive under the copper line ensures penetration much more than 85 mm RHA plate. Actuation under belly is a deathblow to tank and its crew, and actuation under track makes tank immobile by damaging track, wheels, suspension, and attachments beyond field repairs.

  22. It's a state of the art baby toilet. :)

  23. Wake up MMRCA has some announcements

  24. Its a corruption detection system developed by DRDO. First detection, CW games. God help our country.

  25. Looks like a bedside alarm clock lying on its back:)

  26. its an alarm clock.....lol

  27. It is new Anti tank mine with special features.

  28. Hey Ajai,

    Where is the confirmation on the quiz and the details of this mine!!!!!

  29. Please declare the result.


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