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Friday 29 January 2010

Video of PAK-FA: first test flight

Here is a YouTube video that purports to be the first test flight of the PAK-FA.

My thanks to alert readers of Broadsword for this link.


  1. See the video with FULL flight

  2. video of the first flight

  3. 'the first flight is not too far in the future'

    Wake up Colonel, it was announced for today(b/w 28th and 29th) and here it is.

  4. Well seeing the aircraft, can see why iaf/mod is sitting on the fence, the question is to what length the iaf is ready to go to change thier operational doctrine to integrate the aircraft into iaf and how far this system will integrate itself to iaf Ops doctrine - mkk

  5. Guys, read Bill Sweetman's
    T-50: A Preliminary Analysis here:

  6. This gives a good reason to invest into the Russian program for India, however we have to be aware that now many critical technologies are going to be under development.

    First off the head the Optical location system, the Russians will invest into designing a more advanced system with huge concentration on radar signature management.

    The avionics are underdevelopment, however they would try to share the costs with Su-35 avionics, radar would be a independent AESA development, EW systems would be another headache, the new engine is already under development, so are the new weapons. the airplane obviously has concentration on signature management as the first priority, rest of the features are designed around this keeping in mind maneuverability and costs.

    There are major costs and when we get on board the program, we will have our own requirements (remember the Su-30MKI and Mig-29K programs had a lot of content from several nations).

    A major part of development process remains and with it money requirements, a program worth investing.

  7. 29th jan 2010 is great day for Russian aviation and its a good step forward for Indian defense future. What Russia tested is a T-50 Fighter Aircraft which is now part of PAK-FA Project. Keep inform us about further developments.

  8. Aviation week's Bill Sweetman says:

    The big new feature of the T-50 is stealth. The aircraft that flew today is a prototype - and it does not show visible features like a frameless canopy and panel alignment that you'd expect on a production aircraft. Other not-very-stealthy-looking features include the gaps around the inlet (compare the YF-23) and a spherical infrared search and track housing in front of the windshield. And, of course, the nozzles are round. But it has a chined forebody, edge alignment and (probably) inlet line-of-sight blockage and internal weapons.

  9. The F-22 has gaps around the inlet, so thats not necessarily a stealth killer.

    See the gap between fuselage and inlet.

    The IRST can also be coated to minimize reflection or have an angled cover like on the JSF.

    And the nozzles being round, well front quarter and aft stealth is unlikely to be affected and only stealth immediately behind. And even there Russian designers are on record stating that they resolved their problems in a different way from the Americans.


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