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Sunday 8 March 2009

A sneak preview of the mast of the INS Shivalik

(Photo: credit Ajai Shukla)

Left:  A view from the Shivalik's deck of the mast of the new Project 17 stealth frigate

For various administrative reasons, the publication of my article on my visit to the INS Shivalik has been postponed for a couple of days. So, to slake bloggers' curiosity, I am posting a photo I took from the deck of the warship. Let's do a bit of identification.


  1. Ajay Ji,
    Thanks for close up pic of the main mast.

    Just above the bridge is BEL APARNA (Grapun Bal)target designation and fire control radar for SSMs (Klub SSM).

    In the middle (above the BEL APARNA)it looks like Elta STGR-2221
    (it does not look like BEL Shikari or Contraves-TMX), which is fire control radar for BARAK-1 SAM.

    On the main mast top it is Fregat-M2EM 3-D Primary S-Band Air Search Radar .

    On left and right two domes are MR-90 Orekh Target Iluminators for Sthil SAM ..a total of Four MR-90s will be deployed.

    The secondary L Band Air Search radar will be on the aft mast(not in the picture though, will be BEL RAWL02/LW08(only for Shivalik..for other two ship of the same class this info is unknown).


  2. True, that is what it looks like (talwar + Barak?).

  3. Nice pic, who r those technicians? And where are they from Russia or Israle.

    just for curiosity

  4. What I am not noticing is any electro-optical sensors. I have noted that the stabilized sensor balls with FLIRS are becoming common in the smaller boats of the IN (like the two recently commissioned FACs) I would think that they would have a couple on a ship this size. Am I missing something?

  5. ajai sir, can you please confirm if INS Shivalik has one or two EL/M-2221 STGR. I can see one and i was wondering if theres one on the otherside too ?

  6. Why are our warship radars not inside white Ceramic domes like western ships?

  7. What takes you so long to post man? Back in arunachal, are you?

  8. Ajai ji,

    Answering above "Anon" question..

    I will assume that you have blasted THIRD Atom Bomb after India did in 1998 Pokhran by publishing the "LM-2500 engine issue..and BAN from US".

    I will guess that your current employer is under tremendous pressure for your this post and hence I think your entire report on Shivalik will never be published in fornt of us.

    Ajay ji I salute to you and understand you are fighting another kind of war ..now in civilian dress.



  9. No Sontu,
    You're grossly overestimating US ability to influence events in India. Just remember, this is not Pakistan!
    The Shivalik thing will be out this weekend. It is being held up so that the weekend supplement can carry it in sufficient detail, with a sufficient number of photos.
    All you conspiracy theorists....

  10. anon @1o march 1:49
    " Why are our warship radars not inside white Ceramic domes like western ships?"

    its because goras are afraid that their radars will get damaged by sea spray ...so they put cover on it....whereas indians are brave ppl...who are willing to take bullets on bare chests.

  11. are those lanterns hanging from the corners of the projections on the mast? must be lalu prasad's idea (killing 2 birds with a stone):
    1) to promote his party symbol for the upcoming election and
    2) to save power by avoiding use bulbs .

  12. looks like my handle has been popular !

  13. Is that big thing on the top the system that makes Prasun's ass go round and round?

  14. Ajai Sir

    when will the rest of the pictures be posted?

    At least post a couple more pictures while the paper works on the supplement.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. ajai, its been a long time for 2 days !

    is it that sontu was right ?

  16. Hi Ajai

    Do you plan on sharing other pictures with us? Why this long wait?

  17. This GE engine is supposed to power IAC. Will it be safe for us to stick with this engine?.....
    Kaveri marine with '12 MW demonstrated' and '15 MW promised' stands where as per use? I think with 15KW it can only be useful for powering under 2500 ton coverts(correct me if i'm wrong).

    Is anyone having any info on GTRE plans to develop +25KW variant of Kaveri 'M'?

  18. may be Business Standard doesn't share your enthusiasm for warship pics. we are your faithful audience sir. please post something from your MDL visit. a glimpse of P15A perhaps.


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