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Sunday 16 April 2023

Military investigation: 4 army jawans were killed in Bhatinda in revenge for extended sexual harassment


The four army jawans who were shot dead on April 12 while they were asleep in Bhatinda were killed by an insider, after he was allegedly sexually harassed and sodomised by them, says a senior army officer who is close to the army’s investigation into the case.


No external groups, including Sikh militants, have been found to be involved in the killings.


The four soldiers – Sagar Banne, Yogesh Kumar, Santosh and Kamlesh from 80 Medium Regiment (an artillery unit) – were allegedly shot dead while asleep by a recruited soldier called Desai Mohan, who used to work with them in the Officers’ Mess of the unit.

The weapon used in the killings was drawn from a military "kote", or arsenal.


Officials involved in the investigation say that Desai Mohan told them he was being regularly sodomised and abused by the four soldiers who were killed.


Ashamed and humiliated, he drew a rifle and shot dead the four soldiers.


There is no connection between the killings and any Sikh militant group. The letter put out by Sikh militant groups claiming responsibility is a lie, say army interrogators.


The waiter, Desai Mohan, is currently in police custody.


Contacted for a confirmation or comment, the army has not responded.


  1. Soldiers must have the confidence and be provided opportunity to confide on such issues either physical or mental harassment with their seniors. Terribly sad incident.

  2. Sordid tale, if it true. How much service had the soldier Desai Mohan put in ?

  3. Has the ring of truth about it. The Indian Army needs to take immediate and severe disciplinary action against such behaviour.

  4. While it is not unheard of in a murky world for a group to falsely claim responsibility, the story heard by Col Shukla sounds rather thin to me.

  5. This is unbelievable. When the incident happened, I had presumed that maybe the victim was harassed by senior . But not ready for sexual harassment case in the army.

  6. This is as bad as any news one can get about the army. I haven't come across such a matter in the past.


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