"Why India and China are fighting in the Himalayas" by Ajai Shukla - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Sunday 1 January 2023

"Why India and China are fighting in the Himalayas" by Ajai Shukla


  1. Really ? India and China are fighting because the rise of nationalist PM in India and nationalist in China ? And not because of Chinese incursion in the border ????? WHat a hit piece and you should be ashamed of this piece. The India PM hosted the traitor Chinese president Xi before the Chinese stabbed us in the back... You have time and again proved what a western slave you are.

  2. # in india, democracy has since the first general election [1950-51] been not tyranny of the majority but tyranny by the dominant minority. both jawaharlal nehru's government and narendra modi's government won their parliamentary majority by a similar percentage of supporters actually showing up at the polling booths to decisively cast a vote for the winning party - 79.9 percent of the electorate did not vote INC in 1950-51, and 79.4 percent did not vote BJP in 2014. eight out of ten eligible voters failed to demonstrate commitment to the nationalist socialist's political hinduism, so it would not be far fetched to conclude when push comes to shove, eight out of ten of our people who have not come out to the hustings will not be at the barricades standing tall for the nationalist socialists renaissance of atavistic chimeras and dreams from sanskritic sagas and epics
    yet like the INC and its delusions of being the party of choice and owners of the popular mandate, or similarly the communists in kerala, bengal, our bhajaapaa too will be focussed on winning elections and continuing to be the pelf of power and patronage. developing markets for weapons, materiel, weapon systems, weapon platforms is what eisenhower was talking about when he warned against the military industrial complex, and we in india have the deep state in our chambers of commerce. politicians need contributions and largesse for their election war-chests, the tarajuwalas need netas in a similar symbiosis. it's win win for all - yankeestan, the national socialists and our corporate sector. and for the NYT too - this much respected newspaper was at the head of the pack baying on about weapons of mass destruction fabricated to justify the devastation that is iraq.
    the chambers of commerce will not allow their business and corporate interests to be compromised by actual military operations. bilateral trade has increased dramatically since ladakh 2020, the balance has not been in our favour but widened adversely. for beijing, the setting up of more, larger military camps along the boundary with india at extreme high altitude, exposed to extremes of temperature, winds, hardship is excellent training for their soldiers, preparing them for hardship, extreme fatigue, functioning effectively even in sub zero cold, low levels of oxygen, working as a team under their non commissioned officer's control - all this as preparation for actual deployments in other possible theatres. seems everybody is winning. there is an entire chapter in the classic economics textbook by paul samuelson on the conundrum of guns versus butter. it is what economics is all about.


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