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Thursday 12 May 2022

Skanda Aerospace first private firm to build helicopter gears

Given the growing demand for HAL-built helicopters, there is likely to be a strong demand for gearboxes and gears


By Ajai Shukla

Business Standard, 13th May 22


In a first for a private company in India, Skanda Aerospace Technology Private Limited (SATPL) announced on Thursday its plan to invest Rs 250 crores to set up a gearbox manufacturing facility at Hyderabad.


SATPL is a joint venture (JV) between the Hyderabad-based Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools (RMVT) and Texas-based Rave Gears LLC.


This production facility will be India’s first private company with the capability to manufacture helicopter gears and gear boxes. Given the growing demand for helicopters manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), there is likely to be a significant demand for gearboxes and drive trains.


Rave Gears, which will function as technology provider, will hold 55 per cent of SATPL while RVMT & Investors will hold the remaining 45 per cent. The JV company will invest Rs 250 crore and provide employment for 1,000 workers in the next 3-5 years.


Rave Gears has also committed to provide Skanda Aerospace with assured annual orders to the tune of $9 million.


Based in Texas, Rave Gears LLC is a designer, manufacturer and system integrator of gears and precision drive trains catering to aerospace, defence, Formula 1 racing and industrial customers worldwide.  Amongst the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that count amongst Rave Gears’ customers are major OEMs such as Boeing, Bell, Collins, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, McLaren and Nascar.  


Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools is a supplier of high precision products and sub-assemblies to OEMs such as Boeing, GE Aviation, Eaton and Honeywell. It has been in the precision manufacture business for the last 15 years and is eyeing a predicted market size of $937 million.


According to its managing director, Vamsi Vikas Ganesul, Raghu Vamsi has almost doubled its turnover during each of the last three years. The total turnover amounted to approximately Rs 150 crore last year.


Like most companies in the precision manufacture business, Raghu Vamsi has found growth to be a capital intensive business, with each precision manufacturing machine costing in the region of $3 million.



Manufacturing helicopter gears


  • Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools, based in Hyderabad, forms JV with Rave Gears LLC, based in Texas 
  • Setting up a world-class facility to manufacture helicopter gears and gear boxes
  • Expected to provide jobs for 1,000 employees
  • Rave Gears committed to provide $9 million in annual orders to Skanda Aerospace


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