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Friday 21 January 2022

Saab awarded Indian contract for AT4 support weapon



For over three decades, the Indian infantry platoon has carried the so-called 84 mm Carl Gustaf man-portable rocket launcher to destroy enemy tanks, or to bring down a brick or concrete hut onto a militant hiding inside.


On Thursday, the army chose a new generation of Saab’s manportable weapon – called AT4 – a play on its 84 mm calibre, as well as its full form, “anti-tank” – as the Indian infantryman’s single-shot, disposable anti-armour or urban combat weapon. 


The contract with the MoD was signed by FFV Ordnance AB, responsible for Saab’s ground combat offer in India.


“We are honoured that the Indian Armed Forces, which are already users of our Carl-Gustaf system, have also selected Saab for their single-shot weapon need. The Indian Army and Indian Air Force can be confident in the knowledge that they have the necessary firepower to give them the advantage,” said Görgen Johansson of Saab.


AT4 is one of the most popular and successful support weapon families on the market. Operated by a single soldier, this single-shot system has proven efficacy against structures, landing craft, helicopters, armoured vehicles and personnel.

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  1. How does the firing mechanism of a man portable anti-tank weapon, compare to that of a modern tank gun? Also, how do the munitions of the two weapons differ from each other? How is an anti-tank projectile tested to find out it's effectiveness against the modern armor of a tank? How well does an anti-tank gunner know about the capability of his equipment against that of the adversary?


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