After angering Beijing by participating in Exercise Malabar, the Indian Navy awaits government permissions for Exercise Sea Dragon - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Thursday 6 January 2022

After angering Beijing by participating in Exercise Malabar, the Indian Navy awaits government permissions for Exercise Sea Dragon

A Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft taxis after landing at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam to participate in Exercise Sea Dragon 2022.

By Ajai Shukla

Business Standard, 6th Jan 22


With New Delhi already risking Beijing’s ire by taking part each year in the four-nation Exercise Malabar, the Indian Navy may not be taking part in a six-nation exercise called Sea Dragon that starts off the US territory of Guam on Thursday.


The other nations participating in Exercise Sea Dragon are: Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the US. The Indian Navy detachment of P-8I Poseidon maritime reconnaissance aircraft are awaiting permission from the government to participate.


The Indian Navy had participated in the last Sea Dragon that was held in January 2021.


According to the US Navy, “Sea Dragon 22, primarily centering on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training and excellence, culminates in over 270 hours of in-flight training; ranging from tracking simulated targets to the final problem of tracking a live US Navy submarine.” 


In real life, the opponent would probably be one of the submarines from China’s People’s Liberation Army (Navy), usually referred to as PLA(N).


“During classroom training sessions, pilots and flight officers from all countries build plans and discuss tactics incorporating the capabilities and equipment of their respective nations,” says the US Navy.


Each event will be graded, and the nation scoring the highest total points will receive the coveted Dragon Belt award. Last year in 2021, the Royal Canadian Air Force won the belt and will bring it back to Sea Dragon 2022 to defend the title, according to the US Navy.


 “This exercise is an annual, multinational high-end anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training exercise,” said Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) Commander Michiyama Tomoyuki. “I believe that by conducting a wide range of training, from classroom training on the ground to actual training targeting submarine, we will be able to improve our tactical skills. In addition, through training, exchange of opinions, and various type of exchanges, we expect to strengthen cooperation and deepen mutual understanding among the participating navies and air forces.”


“As [officer-in-charge] OIC, I am eager for the opportunity to further develop our partnerships with Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and Korea while at Sea Dragon 2022. The continued growth and increasing complexity of this exercise affords an opportunity to practice ASW tactics, techniques, and procedures with allies and partners that we don’t often get a chance to work with,” said Lt. Cmdr. Braz Kennedy, OIC for the U.S. detachment.


Throughout the Sea Dragon deployment, the six navies will be conducting maritime patrol and reconnaissance and theatre outreach operations within the US 7th Fleet area of operations.


  1. "After angering Beijing by participating in Exercise Malabar"...

    Who the h*ll is China to dictate what India does???

  2. # quite agree with anonymous sir; who the hell is china to dictate; we should [our MEA spokesperson] give them 'a befitting reply' to remind beijing not to forget the two opium wars [1839-42, 1856-60] and the suppression of the boxer uprising [1900-01], when the west, the USA, britain, etc had taught china its lesson, and not to forget that the majority of the troops in these campaigns were from the indian army, indian sepoys officered by british colonialists. and if they have doubts then they can visit any of the cavalry, infantry regiment officers messes where the trophies, plunder that were brought back are still proudly displayed, or take a look at the standard, guidons, colours where the battle honours awarded for actions in china are emblazoned. last time round the west aided by indian soldiers compelled china to cede hong kong and open numerous other 'treaty ports' to compel china to accept all the opium grown in bengal, bihar and rest of india. this time if they don't mind we along with our quad will have to contain china, maybe even bomb it into the stone age with our missiles, nuclear and conventional. satyameva jayate, yato dharmasthato jaya


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