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Sunday 19 December 2021

INS Mormugao sails out of Mumbai for her maiden sea sortie

INS Mormugao, still awaiting a paint job, sails out of Mumbai for her first sea sortie

On 19th December, the 60th anniversary of Goa’s liberation from Portuguese rule, INS Mormugao -- named after the Goan port -- proceeded on her maiden sea sortie from Mumbai. 

The navy's 2nd stealth destroyer, built under Project 15B, INS Mormugao will be commissioned in mid 2022.

The Indian Navy played a pivotal role in the liberation of Goa. According to the MoD: "Dedicating the ship's name to the maritime state of Goa will not just enhance the bonding between the Indian Navy and the people of Goa, but also link the ship's identity permanently to the crucial role the Navy played in nation-building."


INS Mormugao is being built at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd (MDSL) as part of the Project 15B destroyers. 


The MoD said today: "Mormugao will add significantly to the Indian Navy’s combat capabilities. With the recent commissioning in November 2021 of INS Visakhapatnam and the fourth P75 submarine INS Vela, commencement of INS Mormugao's sea trials is testimony to the cutting-edge capabilities of MDSL and the strong indigenous shipbuilding tradition of a modern and vibrant India."


  1. # in the ongoing frisson around china, expenditure running into billions with, even for the materiel 'made in indiya, major costs being taken up in components, parts manufactured in other countries, even sold to us with pernicious end-use clauses, maybe, maybe we should carryout a strategic evaluation. for us to thrill that we are partners in the containment of beijing is hubris. china sees itself being pushed into a thucydides trap, and needs to harden its troops, battle-test its weapon systems. a deployment in the harsh terrain of aksai chin - ladakh is part of hardship training. PLA deployments are for beijing an excellent crucible. and if raisina hill were to actually enter into some form of combat, china will be able to test its tactical systems, equipment, weapons in a series of shock and awe ops that should provide the so called west a movie trailer of the main feature film. what if we are turned into clay-pigeons, will our pals from the west deploy to ladakh, macmahon line, malacca strait, fortress andaman to join in the fray. marvel comics and amar chitr katha may have the elucidation we seek.

  2. I wonder how many Destroyers, Frigates, Corvettes, etc. are seen to be required by the Indian Navy to induct into the fleet. What does the Indian Navy expect to confront in the case of a brief war like situation against it's sea faring military adversaries?


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