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Sunday 30 August 2015

Broadsword checks out the AK-105 in Russia

A ten-round shoot at electronic, man-sized targets at a range of 150 metres, with the AK-105 in standing, unsupported position. Each time a target is hit, it goes down... and then comes up again in a couple of seconds.

Score: Nine hits out of ten. 


  1. Video is not loading. Give this rifle to BSF to shoot down porkistan infiltrators.

  2. The targets took their own sweet time to get down...Sir the bullets were in slow motion or what ?

  3. @gol43oin1

    The bullets were not in slow motion. That is how electronic targets go down. When you shoot a human, he crumples slowly.

  4. The latest Kalashnikovs are a vast improvement over their predecessors. Their recoil is next to negligible.

  5. Col,
    You are still a fantastic shot :) What was the distance? Around 400/500 yards?


  6. Totally kickass..when do you get to shoot 10 rounds from a russian tank?

  7. Sir plz bring some news about small arms being d

  8. Shame on you, 9/10 after serving the army eh???
    Aur itna batiyate hoo kejriwal bhi tumhare peeche rehjayega
    Sala congressi fattu

  9. Ajai, very nice shots. However it seems you were too focused, concentrating on the aim, rather than on the general feel of the weapon, its recoil and handling. Also it took you 4 seconds per shot on average, which I feel is pretty fast. How would this fare in actual combat situation, where you may need to provide accurate, fast and sustained firing on more than 1 enemy combatants who too are taking shots at you from multiple directions? Good shooting. Next time please update us on weapons that you trial, with notable statistics as checked out by you. In this case, it would have been more informative to know the (1) rate of fire, (2) the effective range (3) comparative analysis of other similar weapons in its class.


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