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Tuesday 9 December 2014

Rare video footage of Pakistan Army surrender in Bangladesh

Amazing response from a Pakistani brigadier, who was asked what he felt about surrendering, "Part of the game, I suppose", he replied.

It was also "part of the game" to kill half a million Bangladeshis, I suppose!


  1. There are 100s of documentaries on what happened in Europe and even China in WWII and all the atrocities which happened. There are none related to India's role in WWII or how Churchill made millions die in Indian Feminine or over the loss of life in 1947 due to British Ignorance or atrocities in 1971 in Bangladesh. We cant blame this for anyone but ourselves and our scholars that even after these many decades. Masses are unknown to these Genocides.

  2. @Int64...
    like ghalib... bottle of wine... standard of our... great... historians... scholars...welcome to... our pathetic self... secularist...

  3. What histories. Bangladeshis claim 3-30 million dead and this guys says half a million. A number near about American political scientists Richard Sisson and Leo E. Rose who actually deny a genocide. Congrats Col. you are officially very near now to where you want to be.


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