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Monday 28 October 2013

Exercise Defence of Gujarat

Three Indian Navy ships --- INS Teg, Betwa and Trishul --- exercising off the coast of Gujarat


  1. Those three ships have more firepower than Pakistan can manage on any given day.

  2. The rate of production of IN warships is as slow as the defence procurement mechanism. For every warship that India builds, China builds 5-6 (this is a modest estimation), and they plan to build LOTS. Expect to be swamped by them in a few years.
    All the talk of our missiles as "China killer" and our so called "blue water navy" hold no water viz. the current state of affairs. Pure war mongering without the hardware and the b***s to back it up..
    People responsible for delays and graft need to be tried for treason. That will solve all problems.

  3. Pakistan's navy and coast guard regularly kidnap Indian fisherman (mostly from Gujarat) and fishing ships. They never release any ships. What is point of sailing 3 navy ships in photo op? What I want to know or see is how they payback pakis in their own terms? When is our leadership going to learn?

  4. Is that Modiji leading the flotilla from the bridge?


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