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Wednesday 15 May 2013

First of eight Indian Navy P8I aircraft arrive in India: official MoD release posted below


New Delhi: Vaisakha 25, 1935
                                                                                                         Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Indian Naval Aviation received a major fillip with the arrival of the first of eight Boeing P-8I Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance and Anti Submarine Warfare (LRMRASW) aircraft at Naval Air Station Rajali (Arakkonam) on 15 May 2013. The remaining seven aircraft would be delivered over the next two years.

The P-8I aircraft, based on the Boeing 737-800(NG) airframe, is the Indian Naval variant of the P-8A Poseidon that Boeing has developed for the US Navy. The aircraft is equipped with foreign & indigenous sensors for Maritime Reconnaissance, Anti Submarine operations and Electronic Intelligence missions. The aircraft is fully integrated with state of the art sensors and highly potent Anti Surface and Anti Submarine weapons.

These LRMRASW aircraft have been procured under the contract signed in 2009. The Indian Navy is in process of procuring an additional four P-8I aircraft under the option clause. The P-8I aircraft would greatly enhance India's maritime surveillance capability in the Indian Ocean Region. Vice Admiral Bimal Kumar Verma, Chief of Staff (Eastern Naval Command) received the aircraft in a function organized at INS Rajali.


  1. Good news for IN. Now they are getting escalated weapons and that too in time.

  2. Great news, I just hope that the correct environmental acceptance trials are carried out.

  3. It was fair to import weapons when India was in baby state. However after 65 years of independence, was are begging for weapons speaks volumes on the way administrators have ruined the beautiful nation into their kingdom.

    When are are inefficient in building the defence technology, how can be we be efficient in defending the country, running the shows.
    The 65 years of independence and the rule by indians is slap on hard working indians.

    why not order the bunch the politicians, babus, investigative agencies, justice system, armed forces from abroad.

  4. France wants to upgrade it's own Mirage 2000D, and with it's budget issues, wants to do so on the cheap. Is there any investigation of using the Indian facilities established to upgrade IAF's Mirages, to also do some or all of the upgrade work for the French Airforce Mirage 2000D upgrade (at a lower cost than doing so completely in France)?

  5. @Anon 08:57

    Spot on

  6. In my opinion the navy needs more numbers of these aircraft.A fleet of at least 50 should be acquired.

  7. Ajai,

    something you may want to learn from Chinese media. Instead of using terms "an aggressively nationalistic political opposition", "political ignorant" etc etc.

  8. the same issues... was confronting IA... moral fabric... blown to bits... threatening IA's existence... Gen. S.F. Rodrigues... set forth matters straight... INS should take a leaf out of IA...

  9. @Anon 08:57... @Anon 20:33... we did it... for 8 centuries... our share in... global gdp... is less than 1%... ineefficient in making... is diffrent to... fighting a war for... India... and the world knows... us Indians... in this aspect... bare hands... enough...

  10. @Anon 21 May 2013 14:50:

    Firstly the dotted lines after few words takes away the essence of thoughts. May be it goes well with your age but it denies the reader of deriving the true sense.

    On technological front, no one cares what you did yesterday. Its about today.

    on global GDP, we have the brain power, use them to assess opportunities leading to growth. No indian owned company has the ability to develop products like apple, facebook, google. All we do is, take outsourced projects and open a shop in IT park.

    No one tied Indian's hand and legs to have GDP less than 1% of the global economy.

    No one said Indian's to not develop technology.

    The world knows Indians can be bullied, fooled to purchase technology with kickbacks.


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