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Sunday 13 January 2013

Ajai Shukla on Twitter: @ajaishukla

If you'd like to follow my personal views, 
Ajai Shukla's twitter handle is: @ajaishukla 


  1. Ajai

    I am a serving officer in the uniformed services, I applauded you when you pointed out the rot at the top. However, I strongly feel that you are not being fair to the services in your recent TV appearances.

  2. @ Anonymous 17:21

    Really? The army seems quite satisfied with it. What specifically is your issue?

    1. Well to begin, the way you showed support for F35 instead of French fighter jet, without doing your homework about the fighter and significance for Indian Armed Forces.

  3. I feel I'm one of the person's who suggested you to start voicing your views on twitter regarding geostrategic affairs, world politics and Indian defence.I'm glad you will do same with a different twitter handle.Thanks for paying heed to my request.

    Abhinav Pankaj @insanelyweird

  4. Congrats Ajaigaru !

  5. How you are doing my fellow congressi.

  6. I wonder why you have a blog on armed forces and equipment and enhancing its ability? After all these few crucial days you were asking India to invest in yapping and taking--( btw empty vessels make the most noise) whilst Pakistan was beheading our soldiers.

    Also I am surprised that you claim to be a soldier of the Indian armed forces or in fact in any armed forces yet talk of strategy regarding military.
    Why? Because you have actually failed miserably to a thumb yet very crucial rule of military strategy..any military strategy..you on national t.v negated this. I cannot beileve it didnt strike you and any military strategist would miss this....that crucial rule never ever to be deviated from is not to pass on or act in a way that your soldiers lose trust in the chain above them nor make them feel like guinnea pigs...and thats EXACTLY the message you have passed on.....you said the larger picture should be seen and India should not react to a situation like that., you are propagating talks and yapping where actions would speak louder than words. You have passed on the message that beheading our soldiers, transgressing the sanctity of LOC is not of that importance to have a military reaction. Ever asked your self why China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and EVERY NATION militarily answers such atrocities and crimes, or is that only the yaping cotorie is right and all else wrong.

    I for one feel good that you are no longer commanding even a small platoon but feel disappointed that the Indian Army led seep thru it a person who sends a message that the beheading of our soldiers after penetratiing into Indian territiry does not warrant a military reaction. Imagine the chaos in the minds of jawans and officers such ill warped advise causes....and then you contradict ureself with your blog



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