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Friday 23 November 2012

DRDO press release of today's successful anti-ballistic missile test


Friday, Nov 23, 2012      

The Interceptor Missile AAD launched by the Scientists of DRDO from Wheeler’s Island, Odisha successfully destroyed the incoming Ballistic Missile at an altitude of 15 Kms. The interception took place at 12.52hrs. The target missile, a modified version of Prithvi, mimicking the enemy’s ballistic missile, was launched from Launch Complex III, Chandipur. 

Long Range Radar and MFC Radar located far away could detect the Missile from take-off and tracked it through its entire path. The total trajectory of the incoming Missile was continuously estimated by the guidance computer and subsequently the AAD Missile was launched at an appropriate time to counter and kill the ballistic missile.

The Ring Laser Gyro based Navigation System in Target, Fibre Optic Gyro based INS in Interceptor, Onboard computers, Guidance systems, Actuation Systems and the critical RF Seekers used for the terminal phase have performed excellently. The AAD Missile system initially guided by Inertial Navigation system was continuously getting update of the target position by the Radar through a data link.  The Radio Frequency (RF) seeker tracked the Missile & Onboard computer guided the Missile towards the Target Missile and hit the target. The Radio Proximity Fuse (RPF) exploded the warhead thereby destroying the target missile completely.

In this mission, a special feature of intercepting multiple target with multiple interceptor was demonstrated successfully. An electronic target with a range of 1500 Kms was launched and the Radars picked up the target missile, tracked the target missile subsequently & launched an electronic interceptor missile. This electronic interceptor missile destroyed the electronic target missile at an altitude of 120 Kms. All the four missiles were tracked by the Radars and all the guidance and launch computers operated in full operational mode for handling multiple targets with multiple interceptor.  All the four missiles were in the sky simultaneously and both the interceptions took place near simultaneously.  This has proved the capability of DRDO to handle multiple targets with multiple interceptors simultaneously. The complete Radar Systems, Communication Networks, Launch Computers, Target update Systems and state of the art Avionics have been completely proven in this Mission.


  1. I try to be a regular reader of Broadsword and Livefist. Just curious to know why is the content posted about the successful testing of AAD interceptor same in Broadsword blog and Livefist blog.

  2. So, our plans for a first-strike on Pakistan advance!

  3. @ straight_curve

    Because --- as the heading of my post says --- this is the DRDO press release in which they announced and described the test.

    There is only one release. And all those who were not there for the actual test would be using that.


  4. was it a hit-to-kill interceptor that was used?? I read somewhere in the news that the interceptor to be used would be a hit-to-kill solution, earlier.

  5. @straight_curve: You see the problem with idiots like you is that you read very little and react too much! Just zip it!

  6. is the MFC radar developed by DRDO?

  7. @Ajai sir

    a confusion what was the need to do a missile intercept physically and electronically.

    was it done just to prove that parameters of physical interception when fed electronically achieve the same result

    I think the reality is a 150 km missile can never mimick a 1500 km missile

    what do you say

    btw any news of the floating missile test platform that was being built

    hope to get answers


    Joydeep Ghosh


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