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Saturday 18 June 2011

Enhancing coastal security: New interceptor boat commissioned into Coast Guard

Fast Interceptor Boat ICGS C-152, pictured here, was commissioned into the coast guard on Saturday. Manned by 11 sailors, it is capable of 45 knots, with an endurance of 500 nautical miles at economical speed.

I had written an article on coastal security in March... it is posted on Broadsword and the link is http://ajaishukla.blogspot.com/search?q=coastal

It would appear that the acquisition of coastal security boats is continuing apace, with Fast Interceptor Boats and Fast Attack Craft being steadily churned out by Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE) and Goa Shipyard Ltd (GSL). On the occasion of the commissioning of the Coast Guard's latest interceptor boat, the Coast Guard press release is pasted below:


1. At an impressive ceremony on 18 Jun 2011 at Okha, Indian Coast Guard Ship C-152 was commissioned by Dr Vijayalakshmy K Gupta, Secretary (Defence Finance), in the presence of DIG BS Yadav, the Commander Coast Guard region (North-West). Apart from the officers and men of the Indian Coast Guard, the ceremony was also attended by representatives of various Central and State Govt organisations and the media.

2. Post 26/11, the Indian Coast Guard is on the pursuit of augmenting its surveillance capabilities, so as to meet its enhanced tasks and responsibilities effectively. The present force level and manpower are planned to be doubled by graduated procurement, with proportionate infrastructure development and augmentation of trained manpower. 09 more Coast Guard stations are planned to be established by 2012, wherein each station will have two boats to undertake search and rescue, close coast patrol and respond to fast developing situations at sea. More assets will be based in these stations depending upon infrastructure and availability of operational logistic support facilities.

3. The 30 metre Boat, built by M/s ABG Shipyard, Surat, displaces 90 tons and has an endurance of 500 NM at an economical speed of 25 knots. It can achieve a maximum speed of 45 knots for responding to urgent calls at sea. The ship specially designed for close coast and shallow water operations will immensely help to augment the surveillance capability of the Coast Guard on the Gujarat coast.

4. The boat commanded by Comdt(JG) R Vijay, has a crew complement of 11 Enrolled Personnel.


  1. The boat doesn't seem to be equipped with even a 12.6mm machine gun. Ideally it should have been equipped with 1 Oerlikon 20 mm or similar rapid fire gun.

  2. Ajai,

    Don't you mean 500 nautical miles, and not 500 'knots'? :)

    Minor typos aside, we need "moar" of these basic types patrolling our waters constantly.

  3. this is silly. other countries churn out and commission such kinds of boat like police cars and here we are publicising it like as though we inducted a destroyer or submarine etc.
    it's a patrol boat people. it can be purchased "off-the-shelf" from South Korea, FInland, Germany etc.

  4. Ajai sir

    I think your assumptions about India going for F-35 may turn out to be true. Reports say Lockeed Martin is offering these planes to get back into MMRCA deal. If that happens your assessment of Indias need to go for Lockeed Martin F-35 instead of MMRCA may well be vindicated.


    Joydeep Ghosh

  5. @esskay

    Thanks... have corrected the mistake.

    @anonymous 10:58

    Agreed. My apologies... henceforth, I will not post anything on the commissioning of anything less than a corvette.

  6. QUOTE>> Agreed. My apologies... henceforth, I will not post anything on the commissioning of anything less than a corvette. <<UNQUOTE

    At this rate, we will never come to know about the pistols because they are less than everything.

  7. sir, though the equipment is minor the news shows the commitment of the government for coastal security. even a rifle, or an artillery peice may affect the course of war. I wish that when you post you give a minor breif about such effects.
    some how i am skeptical about the F-35 in our stock (if we opt, and they give). Wont it come with a lot of strings attached, how can we utilize them to full potential. All depends on how well we bargain. Hope Uncle sam will understand such systems are win-win for both sides, than a mere potential customer. Also I hope they offer the F-35B/C for our future 'big' carriers (again not with 'ropes' attached...the lot of strings sometimes assume the rope status)


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