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Thursday 1 April 2010

INS Chennai launched at Mazagon Dock today...

INS CHENNAI, the 3rd Project-15A destroyer, was launched by Elizabeth Antony, wife of Defence Minister Antony.

(Above) Vice Admiral Malhi, Chairman and MD of Mazagon Dock, presents a memento to the defence minister


  1. Compare the shape to the italian tanker they just made, all radar reflecting stuff was crammed on top.

    The stealth ships can be spotted because of these refuelling tankers which are the opposite of stealth.

  2. Great news and excellent photograph. Makes one feel like he was there!

  3. In terms of technology we are making very capable ships.The problem is that we are not building enough of them.We need at last 25 numbers of these types of destroyers if we aspire to be a great maritime power.

  4. Congratulations to MDL for the launch of the third ship under P15A. It makes one happy to be assured that we have the in-house capability and capacity for constructing such large and complex defence platforms. However in terms of cost and timelines benefits, we still have to learn to heap the advantages of series production of warships in our very own shipyards. I wish MoD and Service Headquarters, be it either the Navy or the Coast Guard looks into this aspect while conceptualizing, planning and orderings of future defence ships for our country.

  5. India only export for about 2 Billion Dollars/ Sweden with 9 million people. The reason is that Indian defense industry does not produce any high quality systems. Basically they had manufacturer the same stuff since 1947.


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