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Sunday 7 February 2010

Agni-3 test successful: missile flies 3500 kilometers

A sequence of photographs showing the Agni-3 lifting off from its launch pad at Wheeler's Island today.


The Indian long range missile AGNI3 with a range capability of 3500km is flight tested successfully by DRDO at 10:50 am from the Wheeler Island, in the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Odisha. The AGNI-3 Missile tested for the full range, hit the target with pinpoint accuracy and met all the mission objectives. Two down range ships located near the target have tracked and witnessed the Missile reaching the target accurately.

The Marker Pen like AGNI-3 Missile is 17 meters long with 2 metres in diameter. The Missile is a two stage solid propellant system with a pay load capability of 1.5 tons. During the course of flight the Missile reached a peak height of 350 kms and re-entered into the atmosphere successfully tolerating the skin temperatures of nearly 3000 degree Celsius.

The missile is equipped with a state of the art computer system, navigated with a most advanced Navigation system and guided with an innovative guidance scheme. The Navigation system used for guidance is first of its kind. Number of Radars and electro optical tracking systems along the coast of Odisha have monitored the path of the Missile and evaluated all the parameters in realtime.

The launch is part of the pre-induction trial. Indian Army (the user) has carried out the total launch operations guided by the DRDO scientists. Now the Missile system will be fully inducted into the armed forces.

Mission Director Sri Avinash Chander and Project Director Dr V.G. Sekaran have guided and controlled the complete Missile integration and launch activities. Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri and Director General, DRDO Dr V.K. Saraswat has over seen the total launch operations.

Dr V.K. Saraswat and Sri Avinash Chander congratulated all the Scientists and employees of DRDO and the industry partners


  1. Congrats to all, for successful test. Since it is IA which has carried out the launch, which is surprising given the fact that missile has not cleared for production and induction, but user is already trained to handle such missile shows that things are moving at very fast pace.

    Now the Indian Military is getting serious with its nukes and delivery systems.

  2. Good job, congrats DRDO!

  3. More info.
    check this out

  4. Great. Now they need to implement Six Sigma and Toyota Quality Control procedures at the manufacturing facility to ensure the each and every one of the volumes produced totally matches the performance of this R&D demonstrator.

  5. Congrats DRDO and India. Great job. We should test the Agni-3 more frequently.

  6. Agni 3 has just had 3-4 tests. Is that really enough. I believe this is the only missile that we have which is powered by solid fuel while our immediate adversaries Pak and China both have largely solid fuel missiles.

  7. Missiles are the only weapons that would be the most handy tool in a possible war against a more powerful adversary (China in our case), This strategy was proven in Iraq war during 90's.

    Hope our planners give better attention on all kinds of missile systems. Long rage with multiple warheads, submarine launched, Air to Air, Air to Ground and cruise missiles.

    We should come up with indigenous ramjet technology and come up with Air to Ground Cruise missiles better than Brahmos with a rage of 2000-3000kms so that our planes can fire them from well within our territory without getting exposed to the enemy radars our putting our men in the line of fire.

    Also instead of modifying Su30 MKI to fire a single Brahmos missile we should come up with technologies to load a several hundred Brahmos like air to ground cruise missiles on a plane like Airbus A380 with a strike range of 3000km.

    It should have a capability to fire at least a dozen missiles per minute like a mc gun and still be able to guide each one them to multiple destinations.

    The plane should also act as a control center with all the necessary crew and guidance systems to direct the missiles.

    It should also be modified to act as a refueling platform to the air superiority jets that accompany the platform to provide cover. May be 1/2 dozen MCA jets designed as excellent air superiority jets should accompany the platform to provide cover.

    In short we need a flying airbase that can even go to other side of the globe with the capabilities to neutralize the defenses & destroy all the key value targets in a diameter of 6000kms ALL WITHING A FEW MINUTES, By sending a couple of platforms this we should be able to bring down a country to its knees.

    Wars are not supposed to be fought with Tanks, Artillery or Guns with our men sweating on a Rajastan desert or shivering in the bone piercing cold of Siachen Winters. We need to allow them drive the war with satellites from an a/c room of a luxury cruise liner.

  8. The French have same size missile with longer range 8k-10k kliometers. Agni III is 3500 km only.

  9. Correct me if i am wrong but DRDO mentions range of any ballistic missile with maximum payload. Lighter the payload more will be the range.


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